8 Common Underwear Mistakes You’re Probably Making—and How to Fix Them

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Happy National Underwear Day!

When’s the last time you actually put thought and research into buying your underwear? Probably never (but don’t worry, we anticipated that). That’s why we called lingerie expert and designer of White Rabbit Underwear, Mariana Hernandez to help us celebrate this fun and flirty (and potentially made up) holiday. She’s here to educate us on—and help correct—the eight most common underwear mistakes you’re probably making, but had no clue you were making.

“When we talk about intimates, we hear a lot about bras—how we’re wearing the wrong size, how they should really fit, etc. Underwear, however, is often overlooked,” stated Mariana. “Therefore, we tend to over-simplify how we buy ours. We forget choosing the right type of underwear truly sets the foundation for your entire day. Taking more time to be conscious of what you’re wearing under “there” can go a long way in helping you look great, and feel great too!”

Let’s get to it.

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1. You’re wearing a size too small.
If there’s ever a time to put vanity aside and purposely go a size up in your clothes, it’s with your underwear! Too-tight skivvies can pinch and give you muffin top or VPL (visible panty line), not to mention increase your chances of nether-region unpleasantness like a UTI or yeast infection.

2. You’re wearing the wrong underwear with that outfit.
A thong may prevent VPL, but it’s not always the best underwear for your body-con clothes. If it’s made from textured lace, for example, it will still show through a tight, lightweight dress. A better choice in this case might be a seamless boyshort, especially one with slightly longer “legs” to prevent ride-up. Wearing a high-waisted skirt? Try a high-waisted brief vs. a low-rise bikini to help smooth out the tummy area.

3. You’re buying underwear without lay-flat seams.
Consider lay-flat, or “hidden,” seams your BFF in the underwear world. If seams (both outer and inner) aren’t flat, particularly across your waistband and booty, your skivvies will inevitably bulk up under clothing, create VPL (yes, even if it’s a thong) and cause irritation against your skin.

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4. You’re wearing mesh underwear in the summer.
It may seem like mesh underwear is more breathable, but you’ll be surprised to hear it’s not. Synthetic materials such as polyester hold and trap heat, moisture and bacteria—putting you at greater risk for yeast infections and UTIs, not to mention just feeling uncomfortable all day. In the summer, it’s best to wear underwear made with natural, breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo that absorb and/or wick moisture away from the skin.

5. You’re wearing white underwear with your white clothing.
This may sound good in theory, but think again. Unless your skin tone is stark white, the contrast of the underwear against your skin will cause it to show through white clothing. Instead, wear underwear closest in color to your skin tone, which will literally disappear underneath clothing.

6. You’re wearing light underwear with your dark-colored clothing.
Most people (we hope!) know not to wear dark underwear through light-colored clothing, but did you know you can also see light underwear through dark-colored clothing? Especially if a camera flash is involved. You’re literally airing your dirty laundry. So if you’re wearing a black dress, it’s best to stick to black skivvies.

ESC: Lingerie

7. You’re putting your underwear in the washing machine (or worse yet, in the dryer).
Both hot water from the washing machine and heat from the dryer can ruin the stretch of your underwear. What’s more, skivvies made with delicate materials such as silk or lace can easily get tangled or torn with zippers, buttons and other hardware from your other clothes. To extend the life of your underwear, it’s best to hand wash and hang to dry. If you must machine wash, do so in the gentle cycle and always inside a mesh lingerie bag.

8. You’re not spending enough on your skivvies.
It’s tempting to save money on your skivvies and spend it on that pair of heels instead—after all, that’s what everyone will see. But even if you are the only one who ever sees your underwear, remember that this is the foundation to your entire look. The right underthings have the power to literally make or break how you walk, talk, look and feel throughout any given day. A cheap pair of underwear may seem like a good deal at first, but most likely won’t stand the test of comfort, or time. The cheaper the underwear, the lower the quality—expect materials that are rough against your skin, exposed seams that dig-in as well as show through clothes, underwear that’s not lined properly, or ill-fit that can cause ride-up, among other things. Good quality underwear, on the other hand, will be made with first-rate materials for comfortable, all-day wear, superior attention to fit and will hold both its appearance and fit after numerous washings (hand-washings, that is!).


Facebook Rejects New Diverse Lingerie Campaign for Being Too Sexy

Facebook has rejected three ads for this lingerie campaign because they breach advertising policies. (Photo: Curvy Kate)Facebook has rejected three ads for this lingerie campaign because they breach advertising policies. (Photo: Curvy Kate)

Just when you think we’re beginning to make ground in breaking down one-body-fits-all beauty boundaries, a diverse lingerie ad, which we told you about earlier this month, is rejected by Facebook.

The new ad, part of Curvy Kate’s new Scantilly campaign, aims to give a much-needed hit of diversity to the lingerie industry by shunning professional models and instead enlisting eight powerful female role models, including a transgender woman, an amputee, an alopecia sufferer, a plus-size blogger, and a recovered anorexic.

Facebook doesn’t seem to agree with the message behind the ad, and when a group shot from the campaign was added to the social media site, it was quickly removed for breaching advertising policies.

Transgender model Effie as she appears in the campaign. (Photo: Curvy Kate)Transgender model Effie as she appears in the campaign. (Photo: Curvy Kate)

Since then, two more shots from the campaign, including one of transgender model Effie, have also been removed.

Though Facebook hasn’t commented specifically on the reasons the ads were removed, the standard message it posted by way of an explanation said, “We don’t allow ads that promote sexual acts, sexual videos and publications … strip clubs or adult shows. Ads like these are sensitive in nature and typically evoke a negative reaction from viewers.”

But though the shots are undoubtedly sexy (as you’d expect for a campaign called #TheNewSexy), there’s certainly no nudity, and it seems the only difference here is the models. The content isn’t any racier than what you see on the Victoria’s Secret andFrederick’s of Hollywood Facebook pages.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo about the ad removal, Hannah Isichei, Curvy Kate’s head of PR and marketing, said she believes taking down the images sends the wrong message about diversity.

“At first, I thought there must be some mistake when Facebook canceled our ads,” she said. “Although Scantilly does offer more risqué pieces (and why not?) all images shown on our social pages would be classed as standard lingerie shots. No nipple, no bum shots — just gorgeous women in lingerie being proud of who they are,” she explained.

“Across Facebook, you can see lingerie images, swimwear images, and other smaller-cupped ‘sexy’ lingerie brands seem to be able to advertise — but the Scantilly images did not pass Facebook’s rules and regulations, as they are thought to ‘provoke negative comments’ and advertise sexual activity. We were baffled, as were our fans. Everyone who is active on Facebook has seen pages that should be banned, such as those featuring violence, racism, or sexism, but yet eight women spreading a powerful message has been deemed as negative.”

Hannah believes the ad removals go against the positive strides we have been making toward a more diverse fashion industry.

“In recent years, there have been some changes in the media, with the use of different models in the industry. We’re slowly seeing more plus-size women, women of color, etc., but we still have a long way to go. We need Facebook to support this drive for diversity, not create another barrier, stopping these images being filtered down to the public. As such a powerful resource of information, socializing, and news, Facebook should be encouraging a message of positive body image so that their wide and diverse range of followers may start seeing someone they relate to.”

Megan Crabbe, who recovered from anorexia, has spoken out about the ad removal. (Photo: Curvy Kate)Megan Crabbe, who recovered from anorexia, has spoken out about the ad removal. (Photo: Curvy Kate)


Megan Crabbe, a recovered anorexic who appeared as one of the campaign models, believes there’s a diversity bias when it comes to advertising on social media.

“This isn’t the first time bodies that don’t fit the cultural idea of acceptable or beautiful have been censored while those who do get to post the same content freely,” she explained.

“The people who have power over what we’re allowed to see shouldn’t be letting their own prejudice dictate who the ‘rules’ apply to and who they don’t. Perhaps instead of banning a campaign promoting body positivity, self-love, and acceptance of all bodies, their time would be better spent targeting the violence, racial hatred, pornography, and pro-eating-disorder content that still runs rampant online. A group of diverse women celebrating their bodies and encouraging others do the same isn’t dangerous or inappropriate, but the censorship of it is both.”

This ad featuring model Tess Holliday was also rejected by Facebook. (Photo: Facebook/Cherchez La Femme) This ad featuring model Tess Holliday was also rejected by Facebook. (Photo: Facebook/Cherchez La Femme)


This isn’t the first time Facebook has been accused of rejecting a body-positive advertisement. Back in May, the social media giant was forced to apologize after removing an ad for feminist group Cherchez la Femme starring Tess Holliday. The ad, promoting an event called Feminism and Fat, featured a picture of the model in a bikini and was banned by the social media site because it “depicts a body or body parts in an undesirable manner.”

Facebook eventually reversed the decision to ban the ad and issued an apology for not initially approving the image.

Though Curvy Kate has appealed the decision to remove the ads, it has yet to receive a response from the social media site.

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Women have dozens of bras – but only wear two

Nearly a third of women wear only two of their bras. Photo / iStock

Choosing an outfit each day can be a challenge, as many of us know only too well.

But deciding on underwear seems more straightforward. For despite having drawers full of different styles, nearly a third of women wear only two of their bras.

A survey by the Queen’s corsetiere, Rigby & Peller, found that many gravitate towards their tried and tested favourites day in, day out, reluctant to take a risk with something new.

More than half of the 2,000 women questioned even admitted that their drawers were full of new lingerie which they never intended to wear.

Six in ten claimed they felt more self-assured in their “old faithfuls”, as newly purchased bras ran the risk of being unsupported. A resounding 70 per cent said they would rather wear an old grey bra that felt like a second skin than an expensive new one which turned out to be uncomfortable.

Rigby & Peller, which was founded in 1939, said many women have drawers full of unwearable bras because they have been incorrectly measured.

A spokeswoman for the company said: “Women are persistently being let down by a lack of knowledge and expertise being offered by retailers on what makes a good bra that not only fits, but suits their lifestyle needs.

“We’re witnessing a pattern where ladies are becoming increasingly disillusioned with purchasing lingerie that doesn’t suit them properly – whether the fit is wrong due to being incorrectly measured in-store, or having selected it themselves only to find the shape doesn’t work within their wardrobes.

“Consequently we’re finding that, despite lingerie being available to purchase from multiple retailers these days, the number of our expert in-store appointments has risen dramatically over the last year.

“More and more women are actively seeking out specialist advice for accurate guidance on sizing and styling but also to understand the real benefits of their bras.”

Further findings of the survey include that a third of women had immediately discarded a bra they had just bought after discovering it didn’t fit when they got home.

But the survey revealed that when women eventually found a bra which fitted correctly, the garments stood the test of time, with three in 10 wearing the same two pieces of underwear for over 10 years.

Five per cent were reluctant to throw out a bra they had purchased over 20 years ago.

While wearing a limited set of bras on rotation has been shown to correlate to badly fitting lingerie, it could also be due in part of a larger trend in which many women are now avoiding bras which encourage too much uplift, plunge or cleavage, preferring to go for the more natural look.

Researchers also found the average woman finds just 27 per cent of their lingerie wardrobe comfortable, and a quarter of those polled don’t have a single bra which is comfortable all of the time.

And while nine in 10 women in the survey said they would like to fill their wardrobes with lingerie which both looks and feels amazing, over half felt that they had to sacrifice one preference for the other.

The spokeswoman for Rigby & Peller added: “Unfortunately, the truth is bras don’t last forever – they do have a lifespan.

“This research highlights the importance of having regular lingerie fittings to ensure you’re getting the most from your lingerie.

“The danger of wearing two bras on rotation for a lengthy period is you risk losing fundamental qualities of your bra, like support, over time.

“Plus, technology and trends are constantly evolving meaning bras that you may have had 10 years ago are certainly not the same as today.”

By Alexander Ward

How To Know If You’re Wearing The Right Bra With 9 Easy Tips

Like the tedious task of selecting the perfect bathing suit, finding the right bra can be a difficult, frustrating challenge. Not only can certain bras make your boobs look super awkward, but some fits can be so bad they’re just flat out unwearable.

So, to successfully end the struggle of picking out ill-fitting bras that are either too tight, too loose, or just too… not the right bra for you, I spoke with several underwear experts to get their tips and tricks for ending up with lingerie you love.

“Finding the right lingerie for you is a blend of finding the right size for your body, silhouette for your frame, and style for your needs,” Marissa Vosper, intimates expert and co-founder of Negative Underwear tells me via email. “There’s certainly no set rule book — but it can definitely make a big difference once you find that right fit.”

Finding the best fitting bra will not only be more comfortable on your body, but it will also make your clothes fit and look better. To easily find your best intimates match, here’s some need-to-know tips and tricks to remember next time you go bra shopping.

1. Measure Your Underband

We often tend to think that comfortable straps are a good indicator of a great bra. Lauren Schwab, another co-founder of Negative Underwear, argues that it’s actually the underband of the bra that determines whether you’ll get the best fit possible. Located beneath the cups, the underband is usually the part of the bra that’s fastened in the back. Since this part provides the majority of the support, Schwab stresses the importance of making sure your underband fits correctly.

“Most women don’t realize that the underband on a bra — not the straps — should do the majority of the support work,” explains Schwab.

A properly-fitted underband should rest below your bust and around your rib cage. A band that digs in or rides up could signify that it’s too small. Additionally a loose band (Schwab tells me you should only be able to fit a few fingers between your body and the band) signals that your band is probably too large.

“Most of us wear our bras for way too long — resulting in bands that are overstretched and under-performing,” Schwab adds. “The main reason that straps tend to dig into shoulders is because the band is too loose, so all the work gets transferred to the straps.”

To measure your underband, Schwab recommends using measuring tape to get your size.

“Be sure to measure directly below the bust line — essentially in an even line around your rib-cage where the bottom of your bra band would lie,” says Schwab. “If you get an odd number, you round up to the nearest even to get your band size.”

Try: Measurement Tape Rule, $4, Konga

2. Measure Your Cups

Like your underband, cups play a big part in finding a great bra. Your cups should usually sit comfortably against your body, and never dig into your skin or be too loose.

“The cup of your bra should fully hold all of your breast tissue,” says Colleen Leung, technical designer from lingerie company Adore Me via email. “Along the neckline of the cup, your bra should sit smoothly against your body, without cutting in, or leaving a space between you and the cup.”

To find your perfect cup size, you’re definitely going to want to get a precise measurement. Stephanie Alexis, a New York City-based stylist, recommends measuring your cup with measuring tape, and loosely measuring around the fullest part of your breasts, with the tape straight across your back, bringing it to the front

3. Calculate You Bra Size

Once you’ve found your band and cup measurements, your next best step is to calculate your bra size. Your bra size is usually found by subtracting your band size from your bust measurement. So, if your bust is 37 inches and your band is 34 inches, you would simply subtract 37 from 34 to get 3 inches. Each inch usually represents a cup size, explains Alexis.

“To get the best fitting bra measure both the band and the cup size,” Alexis says. “Once you have your measurement, subtract your band measurement from the bust measurement and the difference calculates your bra size. Each inch represents a cup size.” So one inch would be an A, two would be a B, three would be a C, and so forth.

4. Inspect Your Underwire

Especially if you have a bigger cup size, underwiring gives breasts the shape and support that they deserve. Orit Hashay, founder and CEO of bra discovery platform, Brayola, stresses that underwire also is crucial in finding that great bra fit, making it super important for you to inspect the wiring when shopping for intimates pieces.

“The wire needs to be adjacent to your armpit, and the cups should lay flat on your breasts,” says Hashay through email. “If there appears to be a slight gap, this may be an indication of the wrong size.”

Aside from gaps, other wiring red flags include ones that feel like they’re digging into your chest. This can make both you and your bra feel very uncomfortable.

“If the wire is cutting into or squeezing your chest at any point, it likely means the cup size is wrong,” notes Vosper via email.

Try: Fantasie Selina Full Cup Underwired Bra, ₦ 15,100.00, Whispers nigeria

5. Don’t Forget Your Straps

Although the majority of the support comes from the band, it’s just as crucial to make sure your straps are performing correctly. Straps that are too tight can make things quite painful for your back and shoulders.

“The straps serve to support the lift of the cup and should help to smooth and support the side of the breast,” explains Colleen Leung. “Straps should be worn comfortably, sitting easily over the shoulders while not falling off. If the straps are cutting in, they are too tight, and the band may be too loose.”

6. Check Fabric

Fabrics aren’t as important as your band, straps or cups, but they can play a role in determining what bra is right for you. Some fabrics can be really be irritating against the skin, making it important for you to pay extra attention to what kind of materials you select. When possible, always go for breathable and non-irritable fabrics, as they are usually gentle enough for sensitive skin types.

“The materials of the bra, including the straps, the fabric and the elastic should be comfortable and soft against your body,” suggest Leung. “Nothing should feel scratchy or irritating as you move in your bra.”

Try: Fantasie Eclipse Moulded Balcony Bra, ₦ 15,700.00, Whispers nigeria

7. Treat Your Sports Bras With The Same Caution

Sports bras’ lack of cup sizes might seem more straightforward, but it’s still pretty easy to pick one that doesn’t support your bust. Keeping your breasts supported during workouts is key, and it’s always smart to select a piece that offers double the support of your everyday wear bra.

“A sports bra must offer extra hold and support,” explains Leung. “Depending on your type of activity and your cup size, your needs in a sports bra will vary, but any piece you choose will need to feel more firm around your body. ”

To find a sports bra that offers support, Leung recommends finding one that has a wide band around the bottom edge. The band should sit under your breast tissue, and shouldn’t shift while you move. In addition, she notes that your straps should be firm and not too stretchy.

“The straps should be firm with minimal stretch,” says Leung. “However, they should also be soft to the touch, so the straps don’t cut into your skin.”

Also, you should do some tests in the dressing room to see how it reacts to movement. “Jump up and down, reach your arms above your head and bend forward and to the side,” Leung suggests. “Once you stand up, the bra should still be comfortably held in place.”

Try: Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra, ₦ 13,800.00, Whispers nigeria

8. Do A Comfort Test

No matter what kind of bra you choose, finding a comfortable piece generally means you’ve also found one that fits. Trying on your bra before purchasing — even if it’s the size you usually wear — is highly recommended.

“If your bra is really uncomfortable then there probably is something wrong,” says Hashay.

Trying on bras underneath a few of your go-to wardrobe pieces is also recommended, especially since it’s helpful to see how your bra looks in your favorite tee, sweater, or blouse. Vosper recommends inspecting your profile from front to back to make sure your bra doesn’t look awkward underneath your clothing.

“Assessing bra fit is often charged with our own (often skewed) body perceptions — sometimes seeing how your shape looks with your favorite clothes on can help lend a bit more objectivity,” adds Vosper.

9. Try Using Tech

Selecting your bra definitely causes some added frustration, especially since many women are surprisingly wearing the wrong bra size to begin with. So, if you are looking for a fresh approach to the awkward in-store measurements, new apps allow you to find that perfect bra fit, right from the comfort of your own home.

Using patented computer vision technology to analyze body size in relation to the iPhone’s dimensions, the ThirdLove iPhone app helps users find with their correct bra size (including our exclusive half-cup sizes). All you need to do is take two photos of yourself in a mirror wearing a supportive bra and fitted tank top, and the app will do the rest in under 10 minutes.

Your relationship with your bras is about to get a whole lot healthier.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel (2), Andrew Zaeh (2), Bianca Consunji/Bustle; Milada Vigerova/Unsplash; Foundry, adamkontor, Unsplash, Hans/Pixabay

9 Tips For Shopping DD+ Bras & Repping Your Fuller Cup Pride In Comfort

If you have a large bust, then you know how challenging finding the perfect DD+ bras can be. From getting properly fitted to finding the right kind of support, DD+ bra shopping can pose a unique set of challenges, and it can be tempting at times to admit defeat and settle for a lifetime of ill-fitting, boring designs in basic shades.

For a long time, I viewed my substantial chest as a major inconvenience. I longed for a small cup size, self-supporting boobs, and wispy, insubstantial bralettes. I hated how matronly I felt in the designs that were available to me, as well as the fact that it was almost impossible to find an H cup in most standard lingerie boutiques.

Over time, however, I learned the art of shopping for large breasts, and found ways to appreciate and celebrate my unique body just the way it was. I discovered amazing lingerie companies that actually make fun DD+ designs, and developed an understanding of specific styles and designers that work well for me. If you’re frustrated with the difficulties and complexities of navigating lingerie for the majorly busty, check out the tips I’ve acquired that can make living the DD+ life a little bit easier.

1. Get Professionally Fitted

Glamorize Elegance Front-Close Bra, Sizes 34D – 48G

It’s time to get yourself to a serious lingerie boutique. I’ve had very good experiences with Nordstrom, but any specialized shop with a wide selection of sizes and knowledgeable staff is a good bet. Knowing your correct size should make all the difference between a disappointing shopping experience and a great one.

Bra sizing is more than a question of appearance; wearing the wrong size bra can contribute to back, neck, and shoulder pain, especially for larger sizes. The vast majority of the support in a bra should come from the band, allowing your entire abdomen to support the weight of your chest, instead of relying on straps that pull and tug on weaker shoulder muscles.

2. Know What You Want Before You Shop

Freya Deco Delight Molded Plunge Bra, Sizes 28DD – 38G, ₦12,630.00, Whispers nigeria

It’s easy to walk into a store with a vague idea of what you might be looking for, only to become overwhelmed by the sheer variety of styles, colors, and sizes that are immediately thrust upon you. Shopping for DD+ bras is a serious undertaking. Before I start, I like to know not only my current size and the style of bra I’m looking for, but also the outfit(s) that I intend to wear this piece with, and the max budget I have to spend (good bras can get pricey).

Walking into a lingerie boutique armed with all this information keeps me from becoming distracted or unexpectedly splurging; it also limits the number of designs I have to try on, because getting in and out of structured undergarments can be exhausting. For example, if I know I’m looking for a multi-way or strapless for a formal event, there’s really no point in bothering with full coverage or sporty styles. Setting clear expectations for a shopping session can help minimize frustration and confusion later on, giving you a better overall experience.

3. Get To Know Different Styles

Seduction Lace Demi, Sizes 36C – 44H,

The language of lingerie can sometimes be more confusing than helpful. Balconette, plunge, multi-way, demi-cup, T-shirt bra: What do all these terms even mean? And more importantly, how will these styles make you look and feel? Although at first this language can seem arbitrary and jumbled, these different bra styles are made to offer you unique benefits depending on what look you’re hoping to achieve.

T-shirt bras are a great option for everyday support and comfort. These are usually designed to disappear under casual clothing, and are generally pretty simple in construction. Full coverage bras are great options if you like a lot of support and zero spillage. Balconette and demi-cup styles tend to do the opposite; they offer less coverage and push boobs up for maximum cleavage and sexy goodness; great for parties and your fave LBD, not as helpful for low-key or office environments. Finally, multi-way refers to a bra’s straps, not the cups. These bras should allow you to rearrange your straps in a number of ways (i.e. crossed in the back, T-backed, strapless, etc.) so that you can get maximum outfit potential from a single item.

4. Try On New Bras Under Clothes

Shadow Stripes Contour Flirt Bra, Sizes 38G – 42H

When you’re trying on bras, don’t forget to check out how different styles look under clothing. A bra that looks hella sexy on its own might create odd lines under the blouse you had planned on wearing it with, and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting home with some new lingerie only to find out it’s a no-go the next day when you’re getting dressed for work.

For more body positivity, check out the podcast below, and be sure to subscribe to The Bodcast for more inclusive inspiration.

5 Interesting Facts About Democracy Day

DEMOCRACY day sale

Here are some more facts about the public holiday to add to your bank of knowledge. If you’re new to Nigeria, this is certainly a history lesson you don’t want to miss:

1. The first Democracy Day was on May 29, 1999 when former military leader and then President-elect, Olusegun Obasanjo was sworn in as the President of Nigeria.

2. The first Democracy Day also signified the end of almost 30 years of military rule since 1966, with a brief stint of democracy between 1979 and 1983 with Alh. Shehu Shagari in power.

3. The first Democracy Day – and generally, the practice of democracy since 1999 – took place after Gen. Abdusalam Abubakar, the last military leader of Nigeria promised a transition to democracy. In line with this, a new constitution was adopted in May 5, 1999.

4. Though the day is the subject of some controversy, many of Nigerians view the holiday as an opportunity to celebrate democracy and basic human rights

5. Today, Nigeria is the world’s fourth largest democracy.

Kim Kardashian makes a splash in Cannes wearing lingerie-style dress

Kim Kardashian made a huge splash as she landed in Cannes earlier today wearing this rather risqué, lingerie-style dress!

Yay or nay? You decide!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star may have turned heads at the Webby Awards yesterday evening but she jumped straight on a private yet alongside her glam-squad to join mum Kris, half-sister Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick at the world-famous film festival – and her outfit caused a bit of a stir.

Kim Kardashian arrives in Cannes after flying in on private jet, 17th May 2016Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian arrives in Cannes after flying in on private jet, 17th May 2016

Kim ditched the bodycon and poured her hourglass curves into this eye-catching silky white number that boasted a wrap-over skirt, an asymmetric hem and a plunging v-shaped neckline that gave everyone an eyeful of her ample cleavage.

Anyone else think it looks like the mum-of-two has been raiding the sleepwear section? Just us?

Kim teamed her unconventional, slinky frock with a chunky cream cardigan to keep off the chill and she proved that her boot collection is unrivalled in these camel-coloured, block heel babies.

But back to that dress!

Kim – who was joined by trusty make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic – isn’t the only celeb to don underwear as outerwear lately, as Stacey Solomon championed the trend at The Wristband Diaries book launch in London this time last week.

Hmm. We’re not too sure if it’ll catch on amongst us mere mortals, but what is fashion if you can’t take a few risks?

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Colours, patterns that are ruling lingerie this summer!

Colours, patterns that are ruling lingerie this summer!

New Delhi: Wavy prints, orange, lavenders are ruling lingeries this summer season, says an expert.

Name: Allegra Vertical Seam Bra

Brand: Fantasie

Price: 14,990

Suman Chowdhury, chief designer of online lingerie brand Clovia has shared some tips on lingerie colours, which are in trend.* Beach Vibe: This season is all about the beach vibe with wavy prints, marine textured, animal print, deep sea motif and algae prints are in trend.

* Yellow and orange: Go for glowing yellow or fiery orange lingerie to match the bright sun outside.

Name: Punta Cana Bandeau Bikini Top

Brand: Fantasie

Price: 12,200

* Regular wear: For your comfortable, everyday regulars you can go for lilacs and lavenders with delicate embroidery and soft laces that make you feel simple yet elegant.

Name: Wildfire Lava Plunge Balcony Bra

Brand: Freya

Price: 11,840

* Camisoles are going to make a comeback this year. Breathable and light, they can also double up as outerwear, but make sure there are no lace or bows.

Name: Zodiac Plunge Neck Maxi Dress

Brand: Freya

Price: 17,330

*Patterns: Scarf-like patterns of swirls and waves and deep sea motifs create a vivid allover print for silky set.

Name: Danielle Bra

Brand: Elomi

Price: 12,290

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her


Looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift? Freya’s here to help. Whether you’re treating a loved one or yourself, uncover our Valentine’s Lingerie Gift Guide packed with inspirational ideas to help you pick the perfect set…



What’s more romantic than flowers on Valentine’s Day? Flowers on lingerie – of course! Choose from our latest lingerie collections blossoming with perfect perennial prints in a rainbow of uplifting and on-trend colourways. Utopia is a timeless collection, with crisp white lace providing the perfect contrast for the fascinating floral print. While Kiyoko offers a truly distinctive design with embroidery inspired by oriental floral tattoos.

  • Freya Lingerie Utopia White Longline Bra and ThongFreya Lingerie Afterglow Multi Balcony Bra and Short
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Bright, bold and beautiful – Freya is everything you need for Valentine’s! Uncover lingerie in eye-catching and standout colours, showcasing unique designs and feminine finishes. Boho is the perfect twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day pink and red colour palette, while Pulse is sure to set those hearts racing with a vibrant yellow base and pink heartbeat embroidery!

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Black lingerie is always a safe option when it comes to buying the perfect Valentine’s gift, and with Freya’s super sexy yet sophisticated styles, you’ll be sure to pick a set she’ll loves. Freya Fanciesoffers an ultra-comfortable lingerie collection designed to mix and match with our favourite Freya bras. Or opt for Siren, a vintage inspired collection with pretty floral embroidery scattered across semi-sheer cups.

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US lingerie brand praised for featuring ‘curvy’, un-airbrushed teenager in latest campaign

Aerie released a pledge in 2014 to use un-airbrushed photos of women wearing its products

US lingerie brand praised for featuring ‘curvy’, un-airbrushed teenager in latest campaign
Aerie released a pledge in 2014 to use un-airbrushed photos of women wearing its products
Alexandra Sims 19 hours ago2 comments

Barbie Ferreira, 19, featuring in Aerie’s latest campaign Aerie/ YouTube

A US lingerie brand has been praised for its revolutionary marketing after using a “curvy”, un-airbrushed teenager to model in its latest campaign.

Barbie Ferreira, a self-proclaimed “curve model”, is one of four women to feature in Aerie’s, a lingerie line from American Eagle, #AerieREAL campaign, which claims to feature “real” women, “real” bodies and no Photoshopping.

Nineteen-year-old Ms Ferreira, who has been dubbed the “Queen of in-between”, stars in the brand’s The Real You Is Sexy advertisement, which aims to foster body positivity through “loving your real self”.

The campaign video shows Ms Ferreira, who boasts over 200,000 Instagram followers, in a pink bikini reciting nuggets of body positive wisdom.

“I am unapologetically myself, no matter what anyone’s opinion is,” Ms Ferreira says in the video.

“Not being retouched in the images is something that’s very important to me – people knowing that, that’s what I look like without anyone’s perception of what my body needs to look like.”

Both Ms Ferreira and Aerie’s campaign have been widely praised on social media:
Speaking to i-D in November Ms Ferreira said the term “plus-size” was “inaccurate” and praised Instagram for providing a “raw, uncensored platform” for girls to model without limitations on their size or look.

“We cast Barbie because she’s got nothing to hide, she’s strong and beautiful – she embraces her real self, which is the spirit of the Aerie Real message,” Aerie global brand president, Jen Foyle, told Refinery29.
Aerie released a pledge in 2014 to always use un-airbrushed photos of women wearing its products. At the time, the line’s “style and fit expert”, Jenny Altman, told ABC News the company wanted to “show everything”, including birth marks and tattoos.

Last year Victoria’s Secret was attacked by commenters on Facebook for using a highly air-brushed image in one of its social media campaigns. The brand has since faced backlash from its customers to become more savvy to Photoshopping in adverts.

According to Business Insider, Aerie’s sales increased 18 per cent in the second quarter of 2015, compared to just 3 per cent at Victoria’s Secret.

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