All about Whispers Signature Scented Bags


Scented Bag

Scented Beads are a small plastic beads that have been treated with the Whispers’ Signature Scent. A Whispers’ Signature Scented Bag is provided with every purchase and can be used for many things. They are not to be used for your body and should not be ingested, but as a home decor item after purchase.  The unique mixture of items absorb the scent and leave the beads with a wonderful aroma. Our Whispers’ Signature Scented Bag is stronger than conventional potpourri.

Why not place the beads in your lingerie drawer, the scent gives a pleasant aroma to your clothes! 

They can also be placed in closets, wardrobes, gym bags, shoes and luggage luggage.  

Why not think of your own use for these wonderful scented beads and share with us, how you have put them to wonderful use!  Stronger than conventional potpourri.  You can just place them in a bowl, organza bag or mix them with your current potpourri.

Each mixture of aroma beads is made individually to harmonize with a scent and color.  

Our Whispers’ Signature Scented Bags are supplied in Organza bags.

Please keep away from children and seek immediate medical advice if ingested, even if you feel well.

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