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TLC Guide to Buying Lingerie – FOR MEN ONLY!

Does the picture above relate to you? It’s the season of giving and as a gentleman, you would like to buy lingerie for your other half.

The only problem is that you have no idea where to start. Well, fear no further for the Whispers’ Angels are here to help.

Here is our step by step guide for buying lingerie.

Size Matters!

This is where your James Bond-like skills come in. Sneak a look through her lingerie bag for her size. This is usually clearly stated on the labels attached to the clothing. Women usually have a few different sizes so be sure to look through a few of her lingerie as the most common size she has is most likely to be the correct size. Try to put it all back as you found it so she does not suspect a thing.

Remember, Style is a reflection of attitude…

Forget James Bond, this is where you need to bring your A game. Your other half’s style is much more than just colours and cuts. It is how she presents herself to the world at large so it is really an extension of her personality. Think of her style as the front page advert of a major newspaper. So take some time to jot down the colours she wears, the fabrics she loves down to the whether she’s most comfortable with whips & chains or she’s a lace & flowers kinda girl. The good news is that there is a lingerie for every type of girl. If in doubt, ask her BFF aka best friend forever.

Think “there is no box”, except a lingerie box…

Body shapes differ and so does lingerie. Welcome to the 21st century, guys! No longer is the full meaning of lingerie defined by bras and panties only, there are now wide variations to suit every body type. If your your other half is tall and slim, then we recommend a lingerie set complete with garters and stockings.

Ooh la la by Freya

If she reminds you more of Marilyn Monroe with her curvy, hourglass shape, then we will recommend a corset, a teddy or a Matching Set Lingerie with high waisted Knickers.

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Amelia  by Elomi

And finally, if she is slim or athletic then we highly recommend feminine booty shorts like the ones below.

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Rosa by Tutti Rouge

Just a few teeny tiny warnings…


Once you decide on the type of lingerie you want, the rest is easy. Most lingerie now come in a wide variety of colours and prints, stick to the types that are appear most frequently in her closet.

Material and Textures

Padded or non padded, lace, satin, silk, cotton, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), leather, lycra, and velvet – these are all the materials that lingerie come in. Be adventurous, don’t stray too far out from what she has in her closet. Unless she has hinted at PVC several times, do not buy her PVC if she’s a cotton-and-lace type of girl. Rather, buy her silk.


Now that you done your homework and followed our guide, we can guarantee that you are now well equipped to and ready to buy lingerie. Click here to shop now. Delivery is free nationwide and you can add a personal, handwritten note at no additional cost. All our orders are gift wrapped and delivered straight to your order. Or hers. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and let her show you just how much she appreciates her new lingerie.

5 Signs He’s Falling In Love With You

Women’s Health’s Guy Next Door tips you off to the dead giveaways

Men aren’t always the best at expressing our emotions. It’s not that we can’t talk about our feelings—we just don’t even stop to think about them very often. Emotion, especially the lovey-dovey stuff, is kind of like elevator music to us. It plays softly in the back of our heads, but most of the time, we’re barely listening.

That’s why I sympathize with any woman trying to figure out how a guy really feels. Most of the time, the guy probably doesn’t even know. Sure, he was just in the emotional elevator this morning, but he was too busy checking his phone for Twitter updates to notice what was coming out of the speakers.

But ladies, there is hope. Because even if your guy doesn’t immediately tell you how much he adores you, he’s probably giving off signs that he’s falling for you. Here’s what to look out for:

He Sends Stupid Text Messages
The more banal the message, the more love-drunk he is. For instance, if he texts to tell you he’s drinking a margarita or that he just saw a cat that looks like yours, he’s been struck by Cupid’s bow. What he’s really saying is, “I remember you said you like margaritas,” and “I don’t even mind that your cat hates men.” He’s also saying, “Right now I wish you, and your evil cat, and I were all drinking margaritas together.”

He Calls You—Ever
There are three reasons men pick up the phone: (a) for work, (b) for emergencies, or (c) to hear someone’s voice. And if you’re not a co-worker or a 911 operator, then it’s your voice that he’s interested in. That’s a true sign of lurrrve.

He Stops Getting Quite so Many Texts From Others
Girls only text guys that text them back, right? So if she stops texting, it means he did, too. Or it means he put his foot down. I once had a girl who kept texting me silly stuff late at night after I’d already started developing feelings for another girl. So I told Ms. Texty to stop. Hey—that’s not an easy thing to do! You have to be pretty sure you want out of the dating pool before you drain it entirely.

He Asks for Style Advice
“What should I write in my brother’s birthday card?” “Do these shoes look OK with these pants?” “What colour sweater should I buy for my dog?” These are all questions guys only ask if they are drunk on love hormones.

You Hear His Buddies Giving Him a Hard Time
Nobody knows your guy better than his friends. So listen up: If they say something about how he’s been a turd of a wingman lately, or if they ask him whether he’s misplaced his testicles, they’re not just being vulgar. They’re actually making astute observations about subtle behavioral changes that you may not have picked up on. So thank those knuckleheads because now you know your guy’s putty in your hands.