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Vogue cover girl legend Marie Helvin does her LAST lingerie shoot at 62

SHE was one of the world’s first supermodels who rose to fame as a Vogue cover girl.

Marie posingMarie Helvin at 62 and still good as ever

Now half a century since she first took to the catwalk, Marie Helvin still looks as fabulous as ever after becoming the new face of a lingerie collection for older women.The 62-year-old turned back the clock to promote the JD Williams Always Aliza range, designed by Aliza Reger.

But it is likely to be the last time Helvin poses in lingerie after she revealed the hard work it takes to keep her body in shape.

“It’s my job,” she said.

“Lingerie modelling is extremely difficult to do and it’s stressful at my age. It takes a great deal of work to maintain a good silhouette. I train like an athlete.

“I go to the gym four times a week for 45 minutes to an hour without fail. I like using weights for muscle tone and the bike and rower for my heart rate. I do quite a lot of floor exercises.

Marie up close Marie was a famous supermodel half a century ago

Retailer JD Williams has announced 62 year old supermodel Marie Helvin as the face of its range

Always Aliza Retailer JD Williams has announced 62 year old supermodel Marie Helvin as the face of its range

Lingerie modelling is extremely difficult to do and it’s stressful at my age. It takes a great deal of work to maintain a good silhouette. I train like an athlete

Marie Helvin

“While my body is not anywhere near a 30 or 40-year-old’s it is in good shape and it gives me great pleasure to be so healthy and fit for my age. The only thing I can’t change is the elasticity of my skin.“But I very much doubt I will accept another lingerie job. This one will be my last. In your 60s it’s just too much – I think I’d rather eat pizza.”

Helvin broke into the modelling business when she was just 15, and spent the Seventies and Eighties mixing with the likes of the Rolling Stones and Bryan Ferry.

She married celebrated photographer David Bailey, but divorced 10 years later in 1985.

Helvin says she has always remained disciplined to ensure she stays in the best of health.

She gave up smoking at 40, stopped drinking alcohol when she turned 60, and says she hasn’t eaten meat for nearly 50 years.

Marie Helvin still looks fabulous and shows off her great figure

Always AlizaMarie Helvin still looks fabulous and shows off her great figure

“I didn’t want to reach 60 and be a party woman. I used to drink mainly in restaurants – I’d eat out five times a week.“I don’t know if I feel better, because I felt good when I was drinking, but I like the clarity. I grew up a child of the 60s trying every kind of drug I could get my hands on. Now, it’s a different kind of high – being focused.”

The model was coy about plastic surgery.

She said: “It’s a personal choice. I’m not going to say I haven’t done anything.

“I’m not going to say I have. I’m very honest but I find that when you start talking about things like that it defines you, it becomes everything that’s written.“It would be nice to see a fashion range that is geared towards a vibrant, sexual, confident 50-something.

“When I was a young model there was nothing for my age group. Now it’s completely geared towards that very young market.”

Marie in 1993Barry GomerMarie in 1993

She looks as good now as she did in this equally gorgeous shoot from 1977!


Yes, prisoners used to sew lingerie for Victoria’s Secret

A lot of Season 3 of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” revolves around underwear.

The plot line starts at the end of the fifth episode, after the private prison company that takes over Litchfield announces a “special” new job for 40 inmates: sewing underwear for a lingerie company called Whispers, which you might assume is a stand-in for the similarly titled Victoria’s Secret.

Well, turns out you can assume correctly: Surprisingly, the story line isn’t far from reality. In 1995, the National Institute of Justice released a study that confirmed garment manufacturer Third Generation contracted sewing work in the early ’90s to a prison through a deal with South Carolina Correctional Industries. Victoria’s Secret, along with other companies, wound up buying the apparel through Third Generation — which was actually made by inmates at the Leath Correctional Facility in Greenwood.

“Third Generation employed 35 inmates who sewed a variety of leisure wear garments and lingerie that were purchased by J.C. Penney, Victoria’s Secret and other retail apparel firms,” the study said, adding that the prison plant produced approximately $1.5 million worth of clothing.

The Third Generation president explained why they turned to inmates to sew clothing: “We could not find enough qualified industrial sewers in rural South Carolina, and the prison solved a real problem for us in that respect,” he said.

Anyway, Victoria’s Secret swiftly ended that practice — Third Generation terminated its contract with the prison by the mid-1990s. No word on how much money the inmates made, but on “Orange is the New Black,” the inmates make $1 per hour, a big pay raise: Most prison jobs at Litchfield pay closer to 10 cents an hour.

Either way, it’s tough for the inmates on “Orange is the New Black” to wrap their minds around the difference between price and labor: In one scene, looking at the catalog, Alex is incredulous that the lingerie costs $90.

“I know, right? And I get 45 cents to make them,” Piper says. “It’s basically slave labor.”

Cindy and Janae pipe up that she has no business comparing it to slavery. “Technically, it’s more like indentured servitude,” Cindy points out. “We’re making a dollar an hour. That’s like 10 times what we got before,” Janae adds.

“But the other jobs are about prison upkeep,” Piper points out. “The Whispers people are profiting from us.”

Janae pauses. “I’m OK with that,” she says.

“Me too,” Cindy agrees.

Later, the underwear factory (or the “panty mill,” as the inmates call it) comes in handy when Piper has a brilliant, albeit disturbing, business idea to sell used underwear worn by inmates to fetishists. Obviously, that’s not the way it worked out in real life — the National Institute of Justice study adds that Third Generation tried to help with the prisoner’s long-term plan.

“These women were good workers, they took pride in the products they made, and I would like to hire 80 percent of them after they get out of prison in my other two plants,” Third Generation President Merv Epstein said; the study confirms at least “several” were hired by the company after they were released.

The Washington Post |Updated:June 19, 2015
(First published on: June 19, 2015 11:39 MYT)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley unveils latest sizzling lingerie collection for Marks & Spencer

The model and actress looks gorgeous as ever in her latest line for the high street chain

Rosie for Autograph lingerie at M&S MAIN
Rosie shows off her Hawaiian-inspired lingerie line

As the temperature increases outdoors, get the mercury rising in the boudoir with these gorgeous summer undies from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s lingerie range for Marks & Spencer- Rosie For Autograph.

Inspired by the model’s recent trip to Hawaii (natch), the collection features hibiscus prints and tropical shades in luxurious fabrics – perfect for home or holiday.

Sleeping just got very sexy indeed…

1. French Design Silk Bra, £25; Knickers, £12.50

Rosie For Autograph Green Lingerie

2. Slip, £22.50

Rosie For Autograph Slip

3. Silk Rose Bra, £25; Knickers, £12.50

Rosie For Autograph Lingerie

4. Kimono, £25

Rosie For Autograph Kimono

5. Teddy, £59

Rosie For Autograph Teddy

See the full collection at 

Would you like to order these or any other items from any UK online lingerie but do not know how to? Call 0818 384 3683 or email, our in house personal shopper! It’s simple, send the web links for the items to the email address above, pay the actual cost of the goods in naira + processing fee and delivery charges, sit back, relax and await delivery to your door. We can delivery throughout Nigeria.

Lingerie Tips No Teenage Girl (or Mom) Can Do Without

Tween Bra

Finding the right lingerie is tricky, especially when you are just a beginner. So many styles to choose from, so many prints and fabrics; it’s bound to take your teen a while to find her favourite. But while you’re taking her lingerie shopping, here are a handful of tips to help her choose the perfect over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders and the answers to every teen lingerie question you’ve ever had.

Why is it so complicated to get my daughter her first bra?

Shopping for her first bra is an important milestone for any girl, but it can be difficult to know when the time is right to take her for a fitting. Some girls are desperate to wear one, especially if their friends already have them, while others try to put if off for as long as possible.

You may feel understandably uncomfortable about buying a brafor your little girl, especially as she’s still so young. It doesn’t help that several retailers push styles that are sometimes both uncomfortable and age-inappropriate.

The occasion of buying the first bra is a good time to talk to your preteen and make it clear that allwomen go through the same changes, and that it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Whatever the situation, it is important to handle it sensitively as this will be an experience that your daughter is likely to remember forever.

Tween Bra

When is the right time to buy my daughter her first bra?

Whenever not wearing a bra becomes an issue for your daughter, that is the right time. For early bloomers, this happens when you see that your daughter’s blouses are standing out. And for those who mature a little later, it is important to address her discomfort with feeling left out or before she starts cultivating a poor body image because she has not caught up to her peers.

Ideally, a girl should be comfortable enough with her mother to voice her concerns or talk about the changes in her body. But when she is not forthcoming about her thoughts, it is up to you, as her mother, to address the subject at the right time

Tween Bra

How do I find the right first bra?

Lingerie and department stores usually offer free fitting services, where a trained professional can measure your teen and suggest the proper size.

At Triumph, we find a bra that fits your daughter’s very individual needs and style. First, we will find out what it is your daughter is exactly looking for. An experienced fit expert will look at her size and shape, then measure under and across her breast. No need to take her bra off. She’ll then carefully choose bras for your daughter and will work with her to find the perfect one.

What type of first bra should my daughter wear?

Triumph highly recommends you to speak to your daughter to understand what she would like to wear. Allow her to pick out something that is not only well fitted and comfortable, but also pretty to her liking and appropriate enough to your liking.

Sometimes what she wants to wear isn’t going to be the right bra for her at that moment, so kindly suggest some other options that will cover, support, or be better for her.

Triumph‘s Tween Collection holds a range of bras that we recommend for young girls depending how developed they are.

A. Crop Top (racer back) B. Padded Bra C. Bandeau (top)

teen bra

What are the big Do’s & Don’ts when I’m shopping with my daughter for her first Bra?


1. Remind her that women come in all shapes and sizes. Bras start at AAA and go to KK and beyond. She may wear 6 to 8 different sizes in her lifetime.
2. Take her to a professional fitter, when the time comes. Point out that sizing is an “art” not a science. And as her body changes in her lifetime, it’s always important to have a well-fitted bra.
3. Admit that there is no medical reason to wear a bra (except a sports bra when exercising) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important or unnecessary. She may want one for reasons of modesty, or to keep up with her peers.

1. Don’t tease your daughter about her desire to wear a bra. It is her body and she shouldn’t be made to feel self-conscious about a biological event over which she has no control.

2. Don’t comment on her size, or lack thereof. It can take a few months or many years to complete full breast development.

3. Don’t invite siblings, partners-or a camera crew-to a bra shopping day. It’s not called “intimate” apparel for nothing.

4. Don’t buy her something that you think she will grow into, or a padded or push-up bra. She needs time to adjust to this new layer of her wardrobe. Many young girls prefer a soft pull-over camisole or lightweight cup style.

Lingerie company invites women to cut up their wedding dresses and turn them into UNDERWEAR to reignite their marriages

  • The women spoke about routine in their marriage and a lack of excitement
  • Mexican lingerie company Ilusion invited them to transform their dresses
  • The women shed tears at the shock idea before modelling their new look 

It’s a question that’s plagued many: ‘What do I do to reignite that spark that brought us together in the first place?’

But the answer may not be as complicated as you think.

According to Mexican lingerie company Ilusion, the answer is in fact quite simple – destroy your wedding dress and turn it into a bra and pair of knickers.

Rewedding Nights turn old wedding dresses into sexy lingerie

The women discuss the lack of passion in their long-term relationship before the makeovers begin

The women discuss the lack of passion in their long-term relationship before the makeovers begin

An advert entitled Rewedding Nights brings together five women, who each commented on the lack of passion in their long-term relationship.

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Lady Gaga exposes her curvaceous derrière and breasts in lingerie and ripped fishnets

LAST night her sell-out show with Tony Bennett at the Royal Albert Hall was cancelled, so Lady Gaga took the opportunity to wear yet another flesh-flashing outfit for a night out on the town.

Lady Gaga out in London last nightSPLASH • WENN

Lady Gaga showed off plenty of flesh as she partied in London last night

The 29-year-old singer has been wearing some eye-popping outfits over the past fews days, and last night’s choice was no different.Lady Gaga squeezed her barely-covered bust into a sheer, skintight body suit which fully revealed her silver sequinned nipple pasties beneath.

The lingerie-style diamante encrusted leotard featured a black silk panel which covered up the star’s bottom half, but it rode up to expose the hitmaker’s round derrière.

Beneath the super skimpy number, she wore a grungy pair of ripped black fishnets which also did little to mask the star’s toned pins.

Lady Gaga WENN

The singer revealed her pert buttocks in her outfit

Lady Gaga SPLASH

Lady Gaga wore little more than a sheer bodysuit

The Paparazzi singer toughened up her outrageous ensemble with an oversized studded leather jacket which spelled out “gossip” on the back.She added some height to her look with a stappy pair of glittering heels which topped off her rock ‘n’ roll attire.

Gaga’s make-up was equally striking as she piled on lashings of blacker-than-black eyeshadow and jazzed up her eyebrows with glittery stickers.


Her gig with Tony was cancelled at the last minute yesterday

Her peroxide locks were swept up into a beehive up-do so as not to detract from the daring outfit.Two nights ago the fashionista wore a completely see-through sequinned burlesque outfit to perform in front of Prince Harry, and then she took things one step further as she donned little more than mesh with a transparent chainmail dress encrusted with beads.

Lady Gaga and her 88-year-old singing partner Tony Bennett reluctantly cancelled their gig last night after the legendary jazz star unexpectedly came down with the flu.

Panty-predicting protocol: Debate ensues over whether a woman’s lingerie matches her umbrella

UP 2

Everyone’s got his own unique set of aesthetic sensibilities and ideal vision of beauty. In general, though, guys like looking at half-naked women, and when they aren’t in a position to look at one, they’ll settle for imagining them.

As such, it’s perfectly natural and healthy to fantasize about women wearing sexy lingerie if you’re a young man who’s reached the age of puberty (or if you’re an older man whose mind didn’t really progress that far afterwards). But when you start coming up withsystems to determine what kind of lingerie a woman has on, like theorizing that it matches her umbrella, well, you might be thinking about women in their undies just a bit too much.

In a display of either a sad lack of independent imagination or a very unusual attempted application of psychology, there’s a rumor floating around the Japanese Internet claiming when you see a woman carrying an umbrella, its color and pattern matches the lingerie she’s got on. The knee-jerk reaction is to see this as some kind of sexy version of the Santa Claus story, in that it doesn’t sound logical at all, but you can understand that some people just really want to believe, such as these online commenters in Japan.

“Since someone told me about the rumor, when I see a woman walking with a black lace umbrella, I start to fantasize.”

“This might just be a baseless Internet rumor, but if it’s, it means that women are essentially walking around town holding up placards that say, ‘This is the kind of underwear I have on!’”

“I don’t know how true it is, but I love the idea. It’s good to have dreams. And scary.”

Basic common sense immediately pokes a few holes in this underwear hypothesis. For starters, the real world is a little different from a softcore porno or late-night panty-flashing anime, and as heartbreaking as it may be for some guys to accept, most women have little to no interest in coquettishly announcing their lingerie choices through a semi-secret code to amplify male daydreaming enjoyment. There’s also the fact that while a fashionable individual may have two or three different umbrellas to coordinate with different sets of clothing, any woman is going to own far more sets of lingerie than umbrellas. Assuming she’s not buying the exact same bras and panties in bulk, the greater variety of lingerie styles she has to choose from means the odds of an exact match to her umbrella on any given day are pretty low.

But surprisingly, it seems there’s more to this theory than the pervy male mind getting excited and overclocking until it fries itself and spits out gibberish. As the online debate about the theory’s accuracy continues, a few women have come forward claiming that it’s not entirely off base.

▼ “It’s not always true, but it’s not always wrong (I only have one pair that matches this, though).

“Come to think of it, I do like floral prints for both,” mused another woman, which lends credibility to another theory that holds there’s a subconscious, inexact connection between umbrella and underwear choice. Given the fact that most people don’t own a huge variety of umbrellas, it makes sense that each one they own is going to get used regularly when it rains, and so shoppers will naturally gravitate towards colors, patterns, and general motifs that they like.

UP 3

At the very least, someone with a lacy pink umbrella likes girlish looks, and someone with a leopard-print one isn’t afraid of making a bold fashion statement. This less strict theory proposes that if someone is more likely to choose, say, shoes, in her favorite color, might the same hold true when selecting an umbrella, and again when picking out her panties for the day? Phrased another way, it’s not necessarily that the woman is currently wearing underwear that’s an exact match with the umbrella she’s carrying, but just that there’s a better chance of that than any other specific type of lingerie.

This, however, leaves the problem of how to interpret the undergarment attitude of a woman who’s carrying one of the clear plastic umbrellas sold at convenience stores and 100-yen shops.

UP 1

Some say that’s a sign that the woman doesn’t put much thought at all into her lingerie, and that she’s either wearing something hopelessly unsexy or a mismatched bra and panties. Others choose to go with the steamier conclusion that she’s not wearing anything at all beneath her clothes, while still others argue that a clear umbrella means the bearer’s underwear is similarly and scandalously see-through.

In the end, though, it may not matter to most men whether or not this panty-predicting protocol is accurate or not, as many expressed they simply use it as a technique to brighten their mood during the gloomy rainy season that descends on Japan each June. They might want to keep their fantasies from showing on their faces, though, lest they get hit over the head with those same umbrellas that they’re using as fodder for their rainy day pick-me-up.

Source: Naver Matome
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14 Things I Wish I’d Known About Guys Bodies When I Was Younger

1. Blue balls are not yours to fix. I’m not going to say blue balls are not a thing, because they are, but I wish I’d known they’re not this, “Oh god, you’d better do something sexual that you have no interest in doing or changed your mind about doing because god forbid you make his balls temporarily hurt!” Never do anything you don’t want to do. His balls will get the fuck over it and then you’ll watch Scrubs. It’s fine.

2. You’ll never give him a phenomenal hand job because you’re not his own hand. I wish I hadn’t worried about being better than what he could do himself, because I was never going to get there. And honestly, having a girl he’s into give him a hand job will always be better than him jerking off in a room alone. Which brings me to…

3. You don’t need to try as hard as you’re trying. Man, I wish I’d been able to chill the hell out and just be in the moment instead of feeling the need to be a five-handed circus performer who moonlights as a porn star, but so many movies and TV shows tell us that we have to be that for guys in bed and let me tell you, we. Do. Not.

4. Don’t be afraid of balls. I was so afraid that I was going to break them, but I was never going to break them and honestly, they’re kind of fun to play with. That said…

5. Literally no one knows what to do with balls and you probably will never learn. I wish I’d known that I would spend a good chunk of my life just wingin’ it with balls, and by “a good chunk of my life,” I mean “every time I came in contact with balls.”

6. When approaching his ass, proceed with caution. In my experience, a lot of guys have ass fear. They’re not sure how they feel about ass play or even if they would love it, they feel weird about telling you they love it. I always had a hunch this was the case, so I just never went near it. Now I’d say, “Eh, you can go there. Just tread lightly.”

7. Many of their asses are incredibly hairy. And some of them aren’t and you’ll never be able to tell just by looking at the guy. It’s like a grab bag with body hair inside (or not). Which reminds me…

8. He might feel nervous about the level of body hair he does or does not have. So many guys are legit terrified that they’re not hairy enough or they’re too hairy, so just keep that in mind if you seem to see any nervousness when he takes of his shirt. That’s totally a possible reason why.

9. Boners don’t always happen automatically. Sometimes, when I was making out with a guy and I’d notice he didn’t have an erection, I would get mildly insulted because I assumed they just pop up all over the place at random, but that’s not always the case and you really can’t sweat it. Plus, he’s probably already worried about it enough for both of you.

10. He might have parts of his body he feels self-conscious about. Like his penis, sure, but also maybe his stomach not being ripped enough or his arms not being muscular enough. He might not know what matters to you or what doesn’t and the point really is that getting naked in front of someone is nerve-wracking for pretty much everyone.

11. His boner doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks you’re So Wonderful; it could just mean you’re a person nearby and he has eyes. I used to take erections as such compliments, like if he had one, he must be so crazy into me personally, and I’m not saying that’s never the case, but a lot of the guys I made out with were just horny jerkoffs who couldn’t have picked me out of a lineup, so just keep that in mind.

12. Penises shouldn’t smell like bags of garbage. You’re not wrong to think that and he should be showering more for real because way too many boys don’t and it is grosssss.

13. He might have no idea what he’s doing with his body. A lot of guys act like they know exactly what they’re doing and then fumble around like brain-damaged mice with cheese for fingers. It’s OK for you to both be equally nervous and figure out what you’re doing as you go along.

14. Your body should be experiencing just as much pleasure as his is. I want you to hear me say this and really, truly hear me. Your job is not to make sure his body feels awesome, it’s a fifty-fifty thing. So don’t spend all your time making sure he’s taken care of if he’s not taking care of you as well. And if you have to physically put his hands or whatever else where it needs to be, by all means, do that.

From: Cosmopolitan