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Lingerie Hacks, tips for women

Always wear a nude colour bra under white outfits and use a paper clip to turn a brassiere into a racerback, says an expert. Neha Kant has shared tips and hacks for ladies.

Use a paper clip to turn a bra into a racerback, or to hide straps that keep poking out from sleeveless tops.

* Colour: Always wear a nude or beige colour bra under white outfits for no show. Most girls make the mistake of wearing white under white which is not right.

* One bra style is not enough for every kind of outfit: Like with an off-shoulder dress instead of wearing a bra with transparent straps, which in most case are hardly transparent, one should go for a tube or a strapless bra.

* Accessories: Interesting bra accessories like low back converters are a saviour if one wants to wear a low back dress.

* Know your size: For broad body types, a bra extender can be used to extend current band girth.

* Straps: Keep a strapless from falling down by securing it with a convertible strap.

* If the straps are digging in, it means under-bust band is loose and is not providing adequate support. Go down a band size.

* How to preserve the elasticity: Rotate between four bras and switch them out every week to preserve their elasticity.

* How to know if your bra fits well: If you lift your arms over your head, the band of your bra should lay flat against your rib cage with the cups containing all of your tissues.

* Try “sister sizing” of bra if you do not get the perfect fit. For example, A 36B will have a similar cup size of 34C.

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