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Eastern Tryst

I bumped into him at the airport this afternoon. Yes him, in all his maleness. I haven’t seen him in nearly a year and could not believe that he was here, in Port Harcourt, for the International Film Festival as I was too. I hugged him tight and kissed his cheek just to feel that all too familiar soft beard, just to smell that scent that was all to Him. That touch, that smell always led to one thing, that all too familiar tightening down there, that pool of sweet wetness, waiting for him. He was this only one that could make me this wet this quickly, all because of his touch, his scent. He was my nemesis. He helped me with my luggage, drove me to my  hotel, The Presidential and stayed to chat for a while. He was always a gentleman, that was what attracted me to him. That gentleman facade that he showed the whole world until I have him between my sheets. I had that power over him. He stole a kiss before he left. I would have asked for it back but neither of us wanted to start what we couldn’t finish. There was plenty of time later. Tonight.

After he left, I ran myself a bath, got undressed and stepped into the warm water. Aah, nice. TV on low volume, music pouring softly from speakers I can’t see and a glass of wine in hand, he is not here but Bob is. I know you are wondering who Bob is. Bob is my travel buddy, my very own stress therapy, my battery operated boyfriend (BOB). My amazing 6+ inches of personally controlled orgasm-maker, in leopard print. He, yes he, bought it for me the last time we were together. I purposely had nothing planned for this evening so I could relax after the day’s travel. But I was suddenly bored and restless. The throbbing between my thighs would not stop. I flicked through the channels on TV, nothing of interest. So I called him and asked if he wanted to play. He said yes, to which I replied, ‘bring a condom, and some toys’.

20 minutes later, there was a knock on my door, I pulled the door open in time to see him grinning from ear to ear, on one of his hands was something that looked like a vibrating cock ring but smaller, on the other was a condom. I slid my gaze past his hand to peek underneath his waistband, to see that he was definitely very happy to see me. I love that I do that to him.  I grabbed his right hand to dragged him into the room. I was wearing my favourite bra. A dark blue lace bra that showed off way more than it covered up, paired with black, crotch-less panties and finished off with burgundy red heels to match my lipstick. We kissed passionately, each of us desperately hungry for the other, biting, tasting, licking, loving. He reached out to caress my boobs, rubbing both my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and my legs could no longer hold me up. He chuckled quietly which made me smack his firm, hard bum. That made him laugh out loud. He, in turn, punished me by pulling my left nipple into his mouth, at the same time carrying me to the bed. All this while, he teased my nipple with is tongue, teeth and mouth. My man has skills.

He then proceeded to focus his mouth on my other breast, keeping both of my hands fastened in one of his and rubbing the breast he just left with his free hand. It was impossible for me to keep still as the ache intensified. I needed him to feel me, but he wanted to have me his way. He wanted to pleasure me. I tried reached out to caress his pulsing dick but his hold on my wrist would not budge. He lifted his head to ask, ‘Have you missed me?’, and without giving me a chance to reply, he proceeded to kiss his way down my chest to my stomach, all the way to there. The first touch of his lips on my clit sent shock waves through me, all the way down to my toes. He kissed, he licked and he sucked until I nearly came undone only for him to stop, just there, leaving me panting, wanting more. He reached over to the night stand to grab something quickly. My inner venus jumped for joy because I thought, no, I hoped that he was grabbing a condom but then I realized that he still had his jeans on. Then I remembered that he had asked me to choose earlier when I had grabbed his hands to drag him in but I had no idea what I was choosing. It looked like a cock ring but much smaller. He slipped it over his tongue and turned it on. Then he got on his knees and flicked his now vibrating tongue over my clit. The pleasure made me buckle off the bed. He pinned my hips down with one arm and with his order hand, he slipped one finger, then two and three inside me, in and out, imitating our dance of old, finger fucking me all the while licking and sucking me with his vibrating tongue. I felt that familiar tightening inside me and came apart in his mouth before could stop myself, my juice running down his chin. I was spent. He lifted himself up so he could see my face, and I saw that smile of complete satisfaction on his face because now he knows just exactly how much I have missed him, how much I needed that. I pulled his face down and kissed him with all the strength I had left, branding him as mine.

He wasn’t done with me yet. I could still feel the spasms from my orgasm racking through my body sporadically, when he stripped off his jeans, grabbed my hips and entered me in one single move. I locked my legs around his waist at the ankles because I was not prepared to let him go anytime soon. He paused for a moment to let me adjust to him inside me, filling me until there was no more me and no more him. I did not know where he ended or I began. And then he began to move gently inside me, pulling out and in slowly and repeatedly. I could feel the heat building again inside me. He knew and I knew that another orgasm was near and this time, I did not want to ride solo. So I pulled out the tricks I knew, I pulled myself up to suck his nipples just as he had sucked mine, pulling the tight bud into my mouth, teasing, biting, sucking until I felt him begin to shudder. He began to move faster, and I met every stroke, grinding my hips against his, tightening myself to him until I came all over again. He slammed into me one more time and I felt him come. He laid on top of me, and I held him in my arms until the shudders stopped. I felt like a million dollars. We laid together like that for what seemed like eternity, until he lifted up his head to kiss me, long and slow and deep. He hadn’t pulled out of my and I felt him being to harden inside me. He rolled over to lay on his back, taking me with him, still joined to him. I pulled out of him to removed the condom to clean him up.  The cleaning got trickier the harder he became so I pulled him into my mouth, using my tongue to stroke from top to bottom while my hand worked the trail my tongue left. With my other hand, I stroked his balls gently while pulling him deep into my mouth. I could hear him moaning and and groaning and that just made me feel powerful. “Ride me baby”, he said but I ignored him because I wanted him beg for more.

He begged me again softly and kissed him deeply on the mouth while guiding him inside me, filling me and touching my core, ooh I was in heaven. I straddled him and adjusted my seat to accommodate him fully. He grabbed my waist with one hand to control the motion, and with his other hand, he stroked my very sensitive clit. Now it was my turn to beg. I couldn’t take much more of this pleasure. I could feel myself squirting, soaking him in my juice. He said, ‘say it baby’. I knew what he was asking for but I fought the need to ask for the release that he knows I desperately crave for. I wanted him to stop and then not stop. I tried to concentrate on the motions of him inside me so I wouldn’t cum yet. He grabbed the Vibrating Tongue Ring, looped it over his first and middle finger and stroked my clit with it. I couldn’t take much more. Again he said, ‘Say it, baby’ huskily this time. I knew we both needed this together so I told him what I needed, what he wanted to hear. ‘Make me come, please make me cum’.  His strokes intensified inside me and he stayed the Vibrating Ring directly on my clit, I came apart for a fourth time that evening in his arms, on top of him and he followed immediately after. I thought I would faint. We laid spent like that, sweaty and smelling of glorious after sex.

Tomorrow, we will both be back to our normal lives and busy schedules, work lunches and dinner appointments but for now, in this moment, laying in each other’s arms, we reveled in our eastern tryst, giving no thoughts to what lies after.