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Accessorise with your bra… and PRODUCT REVIEW: The Salsa Bra!

Accessorise with your bra or any lingerie for that matter! 

In the words of Beyoncé, if you’ve got it flaunt it. In today’s world, we (by which I mean both men and women) can no longer afford to think of utility above style. Whether you are an A or K cup, there are gorgeous & great fitting bras available in all styles and sizes for every woman. 

What’s the perk of wearing beautiful lingerie that no one will see? Well, besides the boost in confidence (according to scientific research), you can now tastefully show off your lingerie. 


Today, I’m wearing the Salsa Bra in red, yes red, with a white chiffon blouse with a bow in front. I have opted not to wear a slip under my blouse but added a grey pencil skirt (to mute the red with minimal contrast), lovely red heels (to match my bra) and finished off with pearl stud earrings and a watch. I can’t seem to get a good picture for you but will try harder.

The Salsa Bra, I must say that I love it. The fit is great, it covers my entire boobs (I’m a 36H!) and as soon as I put it on and fastened it, I feel my boobs standing at attention, immediately lifting the weight off my back. Because of the nature of the cups, I must warn that this bra is not ideal for low necklines especially if you are not accessorising with your bra. Besides this, the bra is very comfortable and the wide band around the back smoothes out my folds (otherwise the job of a High Waist Control Brief). Although the straps are a little wide for my taste, I must say it sits very comfortably on my shoulders and it’s certainly not digging in at all.

I hope this review has been very helpful. Questions and comments are welcome and appreciated.