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8 signs you are a side chick

Being a side chick usually isn’t by choice. Often times men make women side chicks without their knowing and these women end up getting hurt when they discover they aren’t ‘the one’. So if you think your man isn’t being straight with you, here are seven signs that you may be a side chick.download36

1. His house is a CIA secret

You’ve never been invited to his house for a date. You have no idea what his house looks like or where he even lives, despite the fact that you two have been dating for months now. When a guy is entirely uninterested or unwilling to show you his home or invite you into it, it’s likely because he shares his home with another woman. He doesn’t want to get caught in his lie anthere’s not enough time to hide the evidence and then put everything back into its place.woman-sad-couple

2.  He never spends the night.

That’s because his time is being accounted for by another woman. He has to be home by a certain time, or even if his woman knows he’s cheating, all she cares about is that he comes home every night.black-couple-laying-on-bed

3. His phone never leaves his sight

Men who are players tend to be highly protective of their phones. He has a password on his phone and makes sure to lock it after every time he uses it. When the phone rings, he either goes into another room to take the call, ignores it completely, or turns the volume down super low so that you can’t possibly hear a thing that is being said.black-man-cheating

4. He doesn’t show up when he’s supposed to  

Let’s just say he does make plans with you, but constantly stands you up with no explanations or apologies. If he gets ghost a lot, that’s a serious red flag.woman waiting for her date


5. You’ve never met his parents or friends

Most men who are proud and happy with their relationship will eventually introduce their girlfriend to his parents and/or his friends. If you have never met, let alone spoken to his parents or friends, this is a huge sign that you can’t be known amongst his inner circles. Why? Because he’d immediately be ousted as a cheater and a player.black-couple2

6. He NEVER talks about the future

Asking him about his views on the future of your relationship is like pulling teeth. Simply put, this guy doesn’t want to think about the future because he really isn’t planning one. In his mind he’s probably well aware that keeping you as the other woman won’t last for too long, so why plan on a future at all?African_couple_arguing_in_bed_GOGOCAA00446-e1324034198374

7. You aren’t on any of his social media pages

Somewhere in convenient survey land is a stat that shows Facebook and Twitter is the fastest growing catalyst for failed relationships. It’s very easy to get caught slipping on such Social Networks which is why if a guy refuses to acknowledge you on his timeline he’s trying to hide your affiliation. This same guy may also disable his facebook wall to prevent your inevitable declaration of crush on him. Typical excuses include “I’m not saying that I don’t want people to know about us, I just don’t like to air out my business”<— relatable BUT where some guys are genuine with this others know what they’re doing when dealing with a side chickstop-friends-from-asking-you-what-your-relationship-status-is-facebook.w654

8. Your relationship is almost entirely physical

When he compliments you, it’s about how nice your body is or how good you are in bed. When you two spend time together, it usually ends up between the sheets. He doesn’t wine and dine you often but instead focuses more on having you and getting out. When a guy refuses to connect with you on a mental or emotional level, it could be because he’s already connected that way with his main woman.Black-couple-kissing-2


If you consciously go into a relationship knowing that you are the side chick, then good luck! But if that’s not your goal, please know that you deserve and are worth much more than what he is giving you.


Sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie show hits 20-year mark

Yes, Tuesday was Victoria’s Secret sexpot angel time, though the masses will have to wait until 10 p.m. EST on Dec. 8 to watch the 20th annual lingerie extravaganza on CBS. This was just the taping, including musical performances by The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomez, after Rihanna abruptly canceled.


Veteran VS walkers like Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio were joined by newbie angels, including Martha Hunt and Elsa Hosk. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were among the non-winged supermodels new to the glitzy show that generates weeks of advance buzz and will be seen in 192 countries by more than 500 million people, according to company officials.

In all, 47 models blew air kisses, flirted on stage with the camera and flipped their varied wings around as they strutted on the runway in 75 looks at a Manhattan armory. But first, there was hair and makeup to be done and a “pink carpet” of celebrity guests to be walked. Questlove and Nick Cannon were on hand, along with a dapper member of the Mets, Matt Harvey, in a black Versace suit.

Caitlyn Jenner was among those who attended the runway show to cheer on daughter Kendall


Hadid said backstage that she has big respect for the veteran angels and hopes to earn her own wings one day. Brand new angel Rachel Hilbert, from Rochester, New York, was in the Pink USA squad on the runway, and was also in awe of the longtime ladies, including Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima, seated just inches away on a comfy white couch in rollers backstage.

“Uh, yeah, Adriana Lima. She’s sitting right there,” Hilbert smiled as all wore pink-and-white striped robes, curlers in their hair, while manicures, pedicures, spray tanning and makeup commenced. “She’s such a sweetheart. Her advice was just breathe and just take it in.”

So how were the nerves for the newcomers?

“Actually, surprisingly, not bad,” Hadid said before the show. “I was really nervous in rehearsal.”

She shared the stage later with Gomez and Goulding.

“I love both of them,” said Hadid, who fell to the floor and gasped in a video of her audition, when she was told she was picked.

As for her famous curves, she prepared with the help of boxing and ballet.


“A lot of sweating and then just focusing on smaller parts because when everything’s in high-def you have to not forget about the little things,” Hadid said. “I’ve watched the show my entire life and this has been such a dream.”

The show featured sections of ’60s boho angels flashing piece signs in teeny bras and panties, swinging fringe and showing off wings made of sculptured paper, leather and feathers, including Jenner. Her gal pal Hadid was among a group of exotic butterflies with wings and outfits sparkling with crystals. The patriotic pink group included an American-flagged theme outfit and wings.

This year’s iteration of the annual Fantasy Bra was fashioned in bursts of fireworks, the theme for one of the liveliest sections of the show. The demi-bra and matching belt are worth $2 million and were worn by Aldridge. They were created by the jewelry company Mouawad in 18-karat gold and encrusted with 6,500 diamonds, blue topaz, yellow sapphires and other precious stones.

Hunt was the last firework, closing the show in another center piece, courtesy of Swarovski, one of the evening’s sponsors. It was a corset sparkling with 90,000 gold, red, green and blue crystals. The look, along with her light-up wings, included 20,000 crystals and 1,200 battery-powered LED lights. The battery pack she lugged weighed in at 19 pounds.

“I did practice … with a trainer. I wore a weighted vest and walked back and forth in high heels,” she said.


Hunt’s last meal before hitting the makeup chair was eggs. She promised her first after the show would be: “Pizza. … Pizza is one of my favorite foods. Pizza and pasta.”

Gomez, a buddy of previous Victoria’s Secret show performers like Taylor Swift, along with some of the walkers, performed on the splashy stage with her dancers as models walked, as did The Weeknd and Goulding.

“I don’t know if I could be an angel, I’m not gonna lie,” Gomez joked. “I look at how hard they work. I like fried food too much. I don’t know if I could give that up.”

Lima, marking her 16th year as an angel, said her nerves leading up to each show never really go away.

“It’s a little bit tough after so many years because the girls are so beautiful and I have to keep up with them,” laughed the 34-year-old mother of two. “I work out as much as I can, and you know, I feel great … I feel wonderful in my skin.”


Sarah Harding wears Freya Goldrush on Fabulous cover

Sarah Harding has been photographed wearing Freya swimwear on the cover of the Sun on Sunday’s Fabulous magazine.

The singer and actress wears the brand’s Goldrush swimsuit with a gold harness.

Sarah Harding Goldrush Fabulous cropped


Harding shared the cover on Twitter yesterday with the caption: “Thankyou @Fabulousmag for a great shoot! Out this Sunday in @TheSun.”

Turn up the poolside glamour and shimmer in sunkissed metallic with Gold Rush. gold-rush-swimsuit (1)

Gold Rush: The underwired swimsuit features asymmetric cut-outs for a fashion-forward feel. Available in a D to F cup.


Deals Of The Day! Thursday

1. Butterfly Print Satin Chemise Only n4,500!

butterfly-print-satin-chemise (1)

Pretty satin chemise with a delicate butterfly print. Empire line and lace detail with centre bow feature. Length 34in

Available Sizes: 12,14 & 16

2. Cool Comfort Scallop Trim Slip Only n2,250!

cool-comfort-scallop-trim-slip (2)


A cling resistant, knee length slip with a cool comfort finish and scallop trim.

Available Sizes: 10,12 & 14

3. Cotton Rich Lace Trim StayNew Camisole Only n2,300!

cotton-rich-lace-trim-staynew-camisole (1)

The perfect keeping cool vest with spaghetti straps and lace trim at the front. Scoop neck. Added stretch. Made with stay new fabric technology to keep your vest from bobbling and and making your top look newer for longer.

Available Sizes: 8,12,14,16,18 & 20

4. Reversible Cool Comfort Full Slip Only n2,900!

reversible-cool-comfort-full-slip (1)

Flattering lace trimmed strap slip, designed to support and smooth out discreetly and enhance your look in any outfit. Designed to keep you cool all day.  Adjustable straps with gold braces, cling resistant and and-static with moisture wicking finish, added stretch and reversible!

Available Sizes: 12,14,16,20 & 22

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Deals Of The Day! Wednesday

1. Stretch Jersey Cami Only n2,000!

stretch-jersey-cami (3)

Plain cami with slim straps and a scoop neckline. Made from a stretch jersey fabric.

Available Sizes: 12,14,16,18 & 20

2. Cotton Rich Lace Trim Vest Only n2,200.00!


The new improved fit and longer length offers a flattering shape and additional comfort. Sleeveless with lace trim scoop neckline. Added stretch.

Available Sizes: 10,12,14,16 & 18

3. Stretch Jersey Cami Only n2,000!

stretch-jersey-cami (2)

Plain cami with slim straps and a scoop neckline. Made from a stretch jersey fabric.

Available Sizes: 14,16 & 18

4. Cream V-Neck Lace Trim Slinky  Vest Only n2,000!

cream-v-neck-lace-trim-slinky-vest (1)

This slinky vest is ideal for layering with thin straps and a lace trim with centre bow detail.

Available Sizes: 10,12 & 14

5. Plum Stretch Jersey Cami only n2,000!


Plain cami with slim straps and a scoop neckline. Made from a stretch jersey fabric.

Available Sizes: 12,14,16,18 & 20

6. Grow On Lace Strappy Vest Only n2,200.00!


Cool Comfort technology helps to keep you cool and comfy all through the night. Adjustable straps and grown on lace design with centre bow feature. Added stretch.

Available Sizes: 10,12,14,16 & 18

7. Stretch Jersey Cami Only n2,000!

stretch-jersey-cami (1)

Plain cami with slim straps and a scoop neckline. Made from a stretch jersey fabric.

Available Sizes: 12,14,16,18 & 20

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Deal Of The Day! Tuesday

1. Contrast Lace Border Thong Only n900.00!


This thong is made from a soft cotton blend fabric with added stretch. Low on the hips with a delicate lace border.

2. Spotted Low Rise Bikini Knickers Only n850.00! cotton-rich-high-leg-briefs

Bikini styles sit on the hips with narrower sides and good bottom cover. A playful spot print adds an ultra feminine finish. Scallop trim and centre bow feature.

3. Embroidered Lace Shorts Only n1,050! embroidered-lace-shorts (1)

These shorts style underwear sits on the hips with a low leg line. Low rise with a centre bow feature and scallop trim.

4. Jacquard Lace Trim High Leg Knickers Only n1,000!jacquard-lace-trim-high-leg-knickers

A flattering high leg cut instantly makes your legs look longer. These sit just below the waist and provide good bottom cover. Ornate lace gives a beautifully soft and exquisite look that will make you feel feminine and comfortable all day. Scallop trim. Centre bow feature.

5. Lace Trimmed Low Rise Shorts Only n500.00!


Shorts style design with a low leg and sits on the hips.

6. Geometric Lace Hipster Briefs Only n1,000!


Exquisite delicate lace hipster briefs, semi sheer with beautiful geometric stripe patterns. Scallop edge. Wrap style

7. Wide Lace Trim Brazilian Only n960.00! wide-lace-trim-brazilian

Beautiful Brazilian style knickers, low rise with a centre bow and a large floral lace around the legs finished with a scallop trim.

8. Printed Low Rise Knickers Only n850.00!  printed-low-rise-knickers

Bikini styles sit on the hips with narrower sides and good bottom cover. A delicate floral print adds an ultra feminine finish. Frill trim and centre bow feature.

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Whispers is 1! Get Up to 85% off SALE Items


It has been an amazing journey this past year and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing Whisperers, Angels, partners, family and friends.

We have met such great people along the way. We have built a lot of fun-tastic relationships already and we’re looking forward to strengthening them even further. To thank you all for your trust and loyalty, and to show our appreciation for your support over the year, we have scoured far and wide to bring you gorgeous lingerie at discounted prices.

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1. New Lines


Fifi  wows with a lace  effect floral print scattered over a warm pink base. The padded  longline bra offers a fashion forward and on-trend style with softly padded cups for fantastic  definition, shape and support. A 6 hook and eye fastening makes for a smoother back and soft finish.


Available sizes ;  32-38C 30-38D,DD,E,F,FF,G


The Minx collection takes a classic leopard print and brings it bang up to trend with contrasting cornflower blue lace trims. Available in cup sizes C to K, the plunge balcony bra offers fantastic uplift and support and features a soft handle printed simplex and top cup lace for complete comfort. Luscious leopard print bows complete the look.

Available sizes; XS-2XL


Enchanted now presents a new  colourway –  a rich black base enhanced with hot pink embroidery and polka dot bows. The plunge balcony bra features a higher underarm wire for greater coverage.

Available sizes; 32-38B-HH, 28-30D-HH , Colours available; White and Black

2. Sale Lines

NO VPL HIGH RISE SHORTS: Cute No Visible Panty Line (No VPL) shorts styled knickers with high rise. Added stetch. Cotton Gusset.

Material:  77% polyamide, 23% elastane

OMBRE THONG: Ombre dye thong sits on the hips. High leg cut. Added stretch.

Material:  92% Polyester – 8% Elastane (Nylon Rubber Lining)

ORNATE LACE BRAZILIAN KNICKERS: These sassy brazilian knickers sit low on the hips with a contrast ornate lace design.Material:  54% Polyamide – 35% Polyester – 11% Elastane

5-PACK NO VPL HIGH LEG KNICKERS: These no VPL knickers are ideal for wearing under tight clothes. High leg with added stretch.Material: 86% Polyester – 14% Elastane

 STUDDED SATCHEL BAG : An update on the retro classic satchel bag. old chain strap and foldover flap with oversized stud feature. Multiple inner pockets. 

Material: 80% Cotton – 14% Polyamide – 6% Elastane (Cotton Gusset)

Length: 24cm / 9.5inches; Width: 8cm / 3inches; Height: 18cm / 7inches

WHITE STRAPPY SMOOTH DISCREET FULL SLIP: This flattering slip has a slim straps and is designed to smooth and streamline the look of your outfit in the most discreet of ways.

Styling: V-neckline with bow detail full slip, fine adjustable straps – Anti static.

Material: 100% Polyester (exclusive of trimmings) 

COTTON RICH LACE TRIM VEST: The new improved fit and longer length offers a flattering shape and additional comfort. Sleeveless with lace trim scoop neckline. Added stretch.Material: 90% Cotton – 10% Elastane


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Sale Ad

NEW! Plus-Size Supermodel Ashley Graham Poses in Sexy Lingerie for Her New Modern Boudoir Collection

Well damn, Ashley Graham!

The brunette beauty has launched a new lingerie line, aptly named Modern Boudoir Collection, with Canadian retailer Addition Elle—and she’s modeling her own sexy pieces, of course. In the first ads from the campaign, we see Ashley rocking some pretty risqué get-ups, including a black bra with suggestive cut-outs and second skin high-waist panties (to that look she adds a fur stole because, well, why not?).

Graham rose to prominence back in February, when she became the first plus-size model to be included in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her Swimsuits for all ad widened the conversation regarding body diversity in the mainstream (which is now steering toward the male modeling industry, too). A sexy Elle U.K. editorial soon followed.

Ashley Graham, Additio ElleCourtesy Additio Elle

Another snap from Ashley’s sultry Modern Boudoir release features a more covered (but nonetheless smokin’ hot) bedroom-ready look. The slinky negligee with sheer lacy panels is something we need in our closets, um, immediately.

Graham recently opened up to The Coveteur about her career rise, which has helped shape a more inclusive body representation for women to encounter in mainstream retail advertising.

“I’ve faced criticism my whole career,” Graham said. “It’s come from fans, it’s come from agents, and it’s come from other models. But I think that it’s all a matter of how you handle it and I turned it all into a positive thing. Now the industry has totally changed and it’s not as much about size anymore – everyone’s really jumped on the bandwagon of not letting size be the defining factor of determining what beauty truly is.” (Here, here!)

par Nicole Adlman | Traduit par Nicole Adlman le 21/7/2015 – à 12h00

How to Get Your Groove Back

Even Stella did it.

Lingerie is to men what a well fitting suit is to women. So no need to worry if you think your sex life has plateaued out. All you need is a few essentials to turn up the heat and Whispers nigeria has all you need to get you to your climax, every time.

After Work

Meet him at the door wearing our gorgeous Vivienne Bra, in exquisite French Lace and finished off with delicate Swiss embroidery comes in this Latte Honey shade that is guaranteed to make your skin glow and light up his night.

Available in up to GG cup.

After Dinner

Once he gets over the shock factor of Vivienne, why not slip into Deco Darling Plunge Babydoll for that midnight nookie. The Deco Darling comes with moulded padding and underwired cups to support your boobs while you sleep whilst offering him a view of your deep, full, plunging neckline.

Deco Darling Plunge Babydoll

Available in up to G cup

Morning Sex

Many say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Our recipe for love is much much different to food. Plus, you don’t have to argue about dirty dishes. Ease off the tension of a hard day’s work by taking it in turns using our Warming Massage Lotion. Liquid Love Massage Lotion is a warming massage lotion that gently warms as you massage – blow on it and it will get hotter!

Warming Massage Lotion


Remember that this is about you getting your groove back. So to kick things up a notched on this journey of self discovery, treat yourself to our Durex Play O Female Orgasm Gel. Durex Play O Female Orgasm Gel is simply one of the best sensations you are likely to feel on your lady parts,makes more blood flow to these regions hence, heightened pleasure due to increased sensitivity.

Durex Play O Female Orgasm Gel


After Eights

Just because it’s morning does not mean it’s all over. With a new morning comes a new you. Keep on our Mae set including suspenders whilst making breakfast, putting your make up on. Do anything, just be sure that he’s watching every move you make, every sway of your hips, with all your Mae frills and your heels on as you get ready to conquer the world of work.

Mae Suspender

Available in up to XL

Out In The Sun

Take advantage of the sun and spend the day idling away at the poolside. Margaritas are a must with our Gold Rush Swim Suit. Just sit back, relax and watch him unable to keep his eyes, or hands, off you.

Gold Rush Swimsuit

Available in up to F

Congratulations on making it this far, now go out and conquer the world, you gorgeously fierce Whisperer xx


Freya’s Design Director Ruth Fox reveals the importance of choosing the right bra.

”A good fitting bra should be comfortable, supportive and give you the best shape under clothes.” Ruth Fox Design director.

However if statistics are to be believed 80% of women can’t relate to this statement, as they are wearing the wrong sized bra.

A correctly fitting bra should sit firmly but comfortably around the body. The underwires should lie flat against the rib cage, and contain the whole breast. The breast should be contained within the cup with no puckering or bulging in the cup fabric.

Wearing the wrong size bra can in the first instance be very uncomfortable, but did you know that it can also affect your posture, your confidence and ruin the look of your outerwear?

According to a recent survey carried out by Fantasie, our sister brand, the average woman was found to be wearing one back size too large, and two cup sizes too small.

The back size, or underband as it is also known, anchors the bra around the body ensuring the best fit, shape and support.

Wearing the back size too big:

  • Causes the underband to ride up at the back.
  • Unbalances the support structure of the bra, tipping the bust forward and putting extra strain on the shoulders straps.
  • Underwires are not securely anchored against the chest wall allowing them to stand away from the body, possibly digging into the breast tissue.

Wearing the cup size too small:

  • Forces the breast to spill out of the top cup creating a double breast effect.
  • The underwire is too small to contain the breast. The underwire is squashed against the breast, and not supported against the chest wall, forcing it to squeeze out from underneath, and offering little in the way of support.

There are trained Fantasie fitting experts in lingerie stores throughout the UK who can help you find your right size and style. We recommend that you have a fitting every time you buy a new bra as each one is different and your bust size can change regularly. Make comfort part of your wardrobe.

Features of the wrong size:

  • Breast being squeezed out of the cup creating a double bust effect.
  • Breast not fully contained within the underwire, resulting in wires digging into the breast tissue or breast dropping out under the wire.
  • Underband not sitting level at the front and back, riding up at the back.
  • Underwires standing away from the body
  • Shoulder straps digging in.
  • Unsupported breast drooping forward.

Features of the right size:

  • Underband firmly anchored around the body. Level at the front and back.
  • Breast fully contained with the underwire.
  • No puckering or overspill in the cup.
  • Underwires sit flat against the chest wall.
  • Breast well supported giving the best support.
  • Comfortable and supportive.