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8 signs you are a side chick

Being a side chick usually isn’t by choice. Often times men make women side chicks without their knowing and these women end up getting hurt when they discover they aren’t ‘the one’. So if you think your man isn’t being straight with you, here are seven signs that you may be a side chick.download36

1. His house is a CIA secret

You’ve never been invited to his house for a date. You have no idea what his house looks like or where he even lives, despite the fact that you two have been dating for months now. When a guy is entirely uninterested or unwilling to show you his home or invite you into it, it’s likely because he shares his home with another woman. He doesn’t want to get caught in his lie anthere’s not enough time to hide the evidence and then put everything back into its place.woman-sad-couple

2.  He never spends the night.

That’s because his time is being accounted for by another woman. He has to be home by a certain time, or even if his woman knows he’s cheating, all she cares about is that he comes home every night.black-couple-laying-on-bed

3. His phone never leaves his sight

Men who are players tend to be highly protective of their phones. He has a password on his phone and makes sure to lock it after every time he uses it. When the phone rings, he either goes into another room to take the call, ignores it completely, or turns the volume down super low so that you can’t possibly hear a thing that is being said.black-man-cheating

4. He doesn’t show up when he’s supposed to  

Let’s just say he does make plans with you, but constantly stands you up with no explanations or apologies. If he gets ghost a lot, that’s a serious red flag.woman waiting for her date


5. You’ve never met his parents or friends

Most men who are proud and happy with their relationship will eventually introduce their girlfriend to his parents and/or his friends. If you have never met, let alone spoken to his parents or friends, this is a huge sign that you can’t be known amongst his inner circles. Why? Because he’d immediately be ousted as a cheater and a player.black-couple2

6. He NEVER talks about the future

Asking him about his views on the future of your relationship is like pulling teeth. Simply put, this guy doesn’t want to think about the future because he really isn’t planning one. In his mind he’s probably well aware that keeping you as the other woman won’t last for too long, so why plan on a future at all?African_couple_arguing_in_bed_GOGOCAA00446-e1324034198374

7. You aren’t on any of his social media pages

Somewhere in convenient survey land is a stat that shows Facebook and Twitter is the fastest growing catalyst for failed relationships. It’s very easy to get caught slipping on such Social Networks which is why if a guy refuses to acknowledge you on his timeline he’s trying to hide your affiliation. This same guy may also disable his facebook wall to prevent your inevitable declaration of crush on him. Typical excuses include “I’m not saying that I don’t want people to know about us, I just don’t like to air out my business”<— relatable BUT where some guys are genuine with this others know what they’re doing when dealing with a side chickstop-friends-from-asking-you-what-your-relationship-status-is-facebook.w654

8. Your relationship is almost entirely physical

When he compliments you, it’s about how nice your body is or how good you are in bed. When you two spend time together, it usually ends up between the sheets. He doesn’t wine and dine you often but instead focuses more on having you and getting out. When a guy refuses to connect with you on a mental or emotional level, it could be because he’s already connected that way with his main woman.Black-couple-kissing-2


If you consciously go into a relationship knowing that you are the side chick, then good luck! But if that’s not your goal, please know that you deserve and are worth much more than what he is giving you.


How to Get Your Groove Back

Even Stella did it.

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After Eights

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley unveils latest sizzling lingerie collection for Marks & Spencer

The model and actress looks gorgeous as ever in her latest line for the high street chain

Rosie for Autograph lingerie at M&S MAIN
Rosie shows off her Hawaiian-inspired lingerie line

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Inspired by the model’s recent trip to Hawaii (natch), the collection features hibiscus prints and tropical shades in luxurious fabrics – perfect for home or holiday.

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1. French Design Silk Bra, £25; Knickers, £12.50

Rosie For Autograph Green Lingerie

2. Slip, £22.50

Rosie For Autograph Slip

3. Silk Rose Bra, £25; Knickers, £12.50

Rosie For Autograph Lingerie

4. Kimono, £25

Rosie For Autograph Kimono

5. Teddy, £59

Rosie For Autograph Teddy

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13 Women With the Perfect Responses to Why They’re Single

By Erin Migdol April 08, 2015

If there is one thing all single women know, it’s that nothing ruins your day faster than the question, “So why aren’t you dating anyone?”

More people today are single than ever before: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just over half of American adults are unmarried. And in 2006, the Pew Research Center found that among singles, 55% say they are neither cohabiting nor looking for a relationship. Despite what conventional wisdom might say, those singles are doing pretty well: Recent research — and plenty of anecdotal evidence — has shown that unmarried people with solid social support are just as satisfied as married people.

But that shouldn’t even matter. Some single women would love to be in a relationship, while some are totally happy to remain unattached. Either way, women who happen to be single shouldn’t face the stigmas they do. The only person who gets to pressure and question a woman about her love life is the woman herself.

Here are 13 women who fired back when faced with the question of singlehood.

1. Taylor Swift: “I just want to have as many adventures as possible.”


Source: Mic/Getty

After gaining a reputation as a serial dater, Taylor Swift decided to take a break from boys and embrace her singledom. As she fills her life with friends and work, she says she’s never been happier, and told the Telegraphthat she’s not sure when a relationship will be able to fit into her new world – but that’s OK.

2. Diane Keaton: “That old maid myth is garbage.”


Source: Mic/Getty

Diane Keaton wants to kill the stereotype of the old spinster once and for all. The actress has famously never married, and in 2001, according to WENN, she challenged the idealism of “soul mates” and the sexist assumption that single women over a certain age live lesser lives than their married counterparts.

3. Jennifer Lopez: “I gotta be whole on my own first.”


Source: Mic/Getty

High-profile romances with Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony taught Jennifer Lopez that before she can be happy in a relationship, she has to be happy with herself as an individual. She told Arianna Huffington on HuffPost Live in 2014 that after heartbreak, it’s important to learn that you are enough, even without a partner. Period.

4. Mindy Kaling: “I don’t need anyone to take care of all my needs and desires.”


Source: Mic/Getty

It’s no secret that Mindy Kaling loves dating (although she’s not a fan of one-night stands). But as she told Good Housekeeping this year, she’s found a new confidence and is no longer obsessed with finding “the one.”

5. Rashida Jones: “I actually don’t feel like I’m some sort of loser.”


Source: Mic/Getty

After being raised on a diet of Disney movies, what woman hasn’t bought into the fantasy of the princess waiting for her prince? Rashida Jones, who has written about feminism and relationships for Glamour, revealed to theGuardian in 2014 that she’s finally learned to not feel like she’s failed her “princess” destiny for remaining single.

6. Shailene Woodley: “I became my own best friend.”


Source: Mic/Getty

Shailene Woodley has questioned whether people are even capable of monogamy, and in 2014 revealed to theHuffington Post that after she and her first boyfriend broke up, she took time off from dating. Like many single women have realized, Woodley said she had more fun with herself and seeking her own amusement than she ever had relying on another person.

7. Jennifer Aniston: “There is nothing you can control about love.”


Source: Mic/Getty

Jennifer Aniston has been in a relationship with Justin Theroux since 2011, but back in 2008, she was recently divorced when she opened up to Vogue about her rom-com He’s Just Not That Into You. Aniston revealed that she actually wasn’t thrilled with the film’s treatment (and society’s treatment at large) of singledom, and that in fact too much focus on finding a partner is besides the point. There are just some things you can’t control.

8. Julie Delpy: “Women throw themselves into romance because they’re afraid of being single.”


Source: Mic/Getty

Research has shown that the fear of being alone may drive some people to stay in unfulfilling relationships, a fearBefore Midnight actress Julie Delpy is all too aware of. In 1997, she told the San Jose Mercury News that her freedom and independence are more important to her than any relationship.

9. Joan Rivers: “A man, he’s 90 years old, he’s not married — he’s a catch!”


Source: Mic/Getty

Joan Rivers: standing up for the single girl since 1967. In a classic bit from her appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, Rivers brilliantly skewered the double standard between single women and single men, and how much tougher it is for a woman to find love after a certain age — when it shouldn’t be.

10.  Rihanna: “I don’t have a lot of time to offer for a man right now.”


Source: Mic/Getty

In a recent interview with UK Screen, Rihanna echoed the thoughts of millions of career-focused women who refuse to give up their passions for a relationship. Props to Rihanna for owning the fact that her partner would have to accommodate to her schedule, not the other way around.

11. Mae Whitman: “The only time I’m ever unhappy … is when I see one of those silverfish things.”


Source: Mic/Getty

Real talk: Being single rocks. You can come and go as you please, eat cereal for dinner and stay in bed with Netflix free of judgment. Actress Mae Whitman, who has admitted that she really enjoys being alone, spoke for single women everywhere when she tweeted the only (small) downside to not having a partner – but you can get a good flyswatter, right?

12. Emilia Clarke: “It’s in our nature to nurture someone else … at the expense of ourselves.”


Source: Mic/Getty

With 4 in 10 American households now including a mother who is the primary breadwinner, and 83% of womendoing housework every day (compared to 65% of men), it’s no surprise that women crave alone time they often don’t have (and feel guilty about wanting). Being single can allow you to indulge in some much-needed “me” time, which Emilia Clarke told InStyle UK is one of the main reasons she’s flying solo – and not feeling ashamed or guilty about it.

13. Irina Dunn: “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”


Source: Mic/Flickr

Though commonly attributed to Gloria Steinem, this witty analogy was actually said by Australian writer Irina Dunn, who scribbled it on the backs of two toilet stalls in 1970. Modest beginnings but powerful beyond all expectations — fitting for a quote that serves as an awesome battle cry for women everywhere.

Erin Migdol - Erin Migdol is a freelance writer for Mic. Her writing has been featured on LAStageTimes.com, FabFitFun.com and the Huffington Post, and she is currently an assistant editor at Inside Weddings magazine. She is a UC Davis alum and resides in Los Angeles.

Lingerie is not porn.


pink bra knickers

“I love this post as soon as I read it but I didn’t really think I had to repost it until I was told by my bank that they were reluctant to work with The Lingerie Company because we sell Underwears. As women, living outside the west especially, we have been lectured by mothers, fathers, aunties and sisters that the feminine things are unsightly and unbecoming of women to show off. These are all lies. Be proud to a women, feel gorgeous in your beautiful lingerie. We hope you enjoy this post as much as we did” Love, Whispers nigeria x

About a year ago, while trying to get some work done on the train from Seattle to Portland, I was startled to discover that a couple of my favorite shopping websites, namely Bare Necessities and HerRoom, were blocked for being “pornographic.” Now just to be clear, I both understand and am completely on board with restricting access to sexually explicit material in public spaces. There are no private seats on the train to Portland, and no one should be exposed to pornography without their consent (least of all children). But I don’t think it really hit me until that moment that many people view lingerie as something akin to porn, and that specifically, sites like Bare Necessities and HerRoom (which, let’s face it, are pretty boring as lingerie websites go) are equivalent with porn.“How absurd is it,” I thought, “that, for women, buying underwear is an ‘adult activity?’”

In the 12 months since, I’ve thought a lot about how lingerie is minmized in the fashion world. Yes you have your Victoria’s Secret and your Agent Provocateur, but generally speaking, the lingerie dialogue is limited to just 3 main topics: bra fit, shapewear, and how lingerie is ruining the lives of girls and making it impossible for them to become doctors. The rich, complex world of intimate apparel – the fashion of it, the history of it, the economics of it – is narrowed to less than a handful of “acceptable” topics, with everything else deemed “too sexual.” And I believe that stance has a profound effect on how women, both younger women and older women, see and relate to their bodies.

First of all though, let me just say that this article has nothing to do with being anti-porn or anti-sex. As a matter of fact, I don’t think the ethics of porn has anything to do with this particular discussion. And, of course, I have zero interest in vilifying sex; if lingerie makes your bedroom life better, more power to you. Rather, I want to talk about why lingerie is always assumed to be sexual, and what that means for women’s bodies. And yes, I’m aware that women are not the only consumers of lingerie, but I believe the specific kind of sexualization I’m talking about here happens almost exclusively to women.

As a lingerie blogger and, more importantly, as a consumer of lingerie, I firmly believe that intimate apparel, as the name implies, is a deeply personal form of attire.  It can be an entirely valid means to self-discovery and self-expression, and for some people, their underwear is the only place they get to truly be who they are and wear what they want. That is a powerful thing, and it makes me sad that the topic is almost always suppressed in favor of easier, more “socially appropriate” ways of discussing lingerie.

Of course, chances are that if you’re a regular Lingerie Addict reader, I’m preaching to the choir. TLA is a place to talk about the fashion of intimate apparel with a smattering of social commentary, but we’re constantly bumping up against the walls of censure and censorship. From the little things, like emails from readers who wonder what my family think of my “lifestyle,” to larger things, like being disinvited from programs or opportunities because the content of my blog is “offensive,” I am constantly reminded that lingerie is a special case. There’s room to talk about it terms of pure practicality (bras and Spanx) or pure sexuality (either as a bedroom aid or an assault upon our youth), but not much room for any nuance or subtlety between those positions. It’s as strange to me as if the conversation on shoes was limited to orthotic sandals and fetish heels. Obviously, there’s a lot more to choose from in the world of footwear than those two things!

Now I’m sure some will argue that lingerie is different because it’s worn directly on the body, right next to the skin. Specifically, it’s worn on a woman’s body, and even more specifically over areas like the breasts and genitals. And I can understand having a certain delicacy about private areas. But what I don’t understand is the titillation that’s automatically attached to women’s underwear in a way that’s not attached to men’s. Or rather, I should say I do understand it, but I don’t like it.

To assume that lingerie is always about sex ignores the role women have, the role womenshould have, in determining what their attire means to them. It reminds me of how, historically, “good” women had to avoid makeup, lest they be seen as “loose” women (a stigma I don’t believe has entirely gone away yet, though it is better) or how a woman in pants was seen as scandalous and shocking and “manlike.” It’s taken for granted now that cosmetics and trousers can have multiple meanings, but lingerie hasn’t achieved that status yet.

When intimate apparel is seen as something that exists primarily for sex, it becomes “vulgar,” and, by extension, the bodies wearing it become “vulgar” as well. All of a sudden, an exposed bra strap, a visible pantyline, or the slightest hint of a nipple becomes a disgrace. The body itself is stigmatized, and that stigma has huge consequences. I’ve had so many conversations with women who don’t even know the most basic things about their own breasts and genitals. And that kind of shameful ignorance results in damaging myths, from our idea of what a “normal” or “average” breast looks like to the myth that bras cause breast cancer. A climate where women’s bodies are seen as a problem is a climate that encourages women to be ignorant about their bodies.

Lingerie is not porn. Women should be able to talk about their bodies, to share photos of their bodies, to speak about their bodies, in editorial, artistic, or health-related contexts without being told that what they’re doing is equivalent to sex work. And again, there’s nothing wrong with sex or sex work, but self-determination matters. Women have the right to decide which communities they want to be a part of, and women should have the right to exert some say in how their bodies are perceived. We should feel comfortable talking about our bodies publicly without having to worry about being involuntarily turned into sex objects.

The solution here isn’t to resign ourselves to, “This is the way it’s always been and always going to be.” Rather it’s to discuss why. When someone says lingerie is “nasty,” what are they saying? When someone says I should be ashamed for running this site, what do they mean? When lingerie is seen as equivalent to porn and lingerie models to pornographic actresses, what’s the underlying context? Does lingerie always have to have erotic intent? Or is there the potential for something more? For a broader, deeper conversation? Let’s decouple the concept of “decency” from lingerie, and, in the process, let’s stop shaming the bodies of people who wear it.

What do you think about the lingerie is not porn question? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Reposted from The Lingerie Addict